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Celin dijon titanic

  • I Am Hell - Rob Zombie
    ""yeah,sorcita! nu nam-o wan gumba!" Yeah,we've been in the fightin games lately Like were playin a gun,yeah! I cant remember what the hell I've tried You and me we ran across the black of the"
  • Russian Autumn Heart - The Church
    "Combustion, suggestions, roaring engines Jewels and lathes that build a world Titanic Howard Hughes, an aimless king Always spoiling the best things you done So red squares and wavy leaves Delicate glass"
  • Baby Poo - The Arrogant Worms
    "I used to talk about politics, politics, politics, I used to talk about politics but I don't anymore. I used to talk about communism, socialism, capitalism I used to talk about all those isms but now"
  • Chak De India - Chak de India
    "(kuchh Kariye - 2) Nas Nas Meri Khole, Haay Kuchh Kariye (kuchh Kariye - 2) Bas Bas Bada Bode, Abb Kuchh Kariye Ho Koi Toh Chal Zidd Phadiye, Tu Bidarayiye Ya Mariye - 2 Chak De Ho Chak De India - 4 (now"
  • Emm?ne-Moi - Allwright Graeme
    "Allwright Graeme Miscellaneous Emmne-Moi Adaptation franaise de Graeme Allwright sur les motifs de "Take Me Home" (Jack Clement / Allen Reynolds) (c) Jack Music inc. Droits exclusifs pour la France, Territoires SACEM"
  • And The Angels Sing In New York City - Modern Talking
    "See all stars - so fine tonight And the old nightingale is flying tonight To my dreams Here are the birds are quiet tonight And titanic is calling an echo of love To your heart And it hurts so much But"
  • Captain Smith - Ryan Adams
    "my heart is sinking fast just like the titanic my heart is pumping blood that's turning blue well, i just want this cruise and i just can't imagine i'm drowning and it's all because of you just as"
  • 718 Baby - Seanchai
    "skiddin' down the runway, headed for jamaica bay close my eyes and pray, let me live to smoke another day. kennedy gonna be the death of me, got my baby to see... taxi! taxi! she's waitin' at home so"
  • I'm Dangerous - Kool Keith
    "(Dan-ger) Kool... Keith! You know... it's me again Black tie affair (dan-ger) girl you better be there Wit'cha sparkle dress, your hair done escorted by the best Wall Street navy blue pinstripe professional"
  • La Route Aux Quatre Chansons - Georges Brassens
    "J'ai pris la route de Dijon Pour voir un peu la Marjolaine La belle, digue digue don Qui pleurait prs de la fontaine Mais elle avait chang de ton Il lui fallait des ducatons Dedans son bas de laine Pour"

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