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Champ elisse

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Champ elisse
  • Juelz Santana feat. Bezel Violence
    "Huh, okay, put the kids to bed Put 'em to bed now I said put 'em to bed now! Do it! Yeah, yeah It's goin' down DipSet, bitch Juelz Santana AY Grip to it, kick to it Fuck that, spit to it Sorry people,"
  • John Legend Selfish (Remix)
    "I'm callin' Out to All my Y'all my ladies, and I can't Let you Be with, no one, but me, baby Gotta admit to this little addiction To the ladies and they just can't fix him Conversation and the drinks start"
  • Colette Der Allons les enfans
    "Allons les enfants, aujourd'hui la vie est belle J'ai le cur content de vous dire la nouvelle Ce n'est pas le jour de gloire, de victoire ni le Jour de l'an C'est le jour du printemps Allons les enfants,"
  • Bow Wow Big Bank Take Lil Bank
    "Ey swizz, I hope they got they bread right! I know you got yours I got mine Big bank take lil bank (lil bank) Big bank take lil bank (lil bank) Big bank take lil bank (lil bank) Big bank take lil bank"
  • Trina Watch yo back
    "Better watch yo back there boy get on yo square or my gun'll beat your chain got the nigga figured out showin you off tellin shit aint the same go ahead and kick him out cut him up catch him sleepin fuck"
  • Mobb Deep Infamous minded
    "Yeah old school part one feel it The realest, Who be the realest Them niggaz stay Infamous minded U've been blinded Cut on your face Fucking with these mobb giants They are the victims We be the victors"
  • Mac Dre Bleezies-n heem
    "(Mac Dre talking) Hello my friend, How you do my friend? What would you like? Yes, what would you like? I want uh... pack of backwoods...pack of backwoods Give me a fifth of that privelege hennessy and"
  • M.M.O. Keep it movin'
    "feat. Champ, Ill Knob & J-Boo Playas keep it movin', waste no time, waste no time Keep it movin', baby, movin' all night Yo, shorty's ride the shaft, Knob-a-ra ain't for bluffin' I ain't had enough"
  • LL Cool J How i'm comin
    "Boom bash, wake up, I set it off right look around and turn your wet dream to fright night you can call me r&b homeys, which stands for rough brother word to my grandmother I buck you in the head just"
  • La Brigade Partir ailleurs
    "Ouvre les yeux. Bienvenue dans le monde relle ou chaque jour des soldats tombent. REFRAIN: Ils sont des millions a s'tre engags. Tu te demandes pas pourquoi? Des centaines a tre revenu, t'es tu demand"

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