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Champagne Kisses

  • Summer Kisses - CC Catch
    "CC Catch Miscellaneous Summer Kisses Stop. Hey man, there's a way Save me just for a sunny day Ooh I wanna, yes I want your heart Choo choo choo Young hearts are full of pride And you never see what's"
  • Last Kisses - Nields
    "You drive your car, check the road, watch the miles ticking by I change the station, you say "Stop," so I stop Hours pass with the miles, not a word has been spoken And the trees are all a blur, nothing's"
  • Sweet Kisses - Jessica Simpson
    "Couldn't look me in the eye He apologizes He didn't make enough to take me out tonight I beg him not to worry Please don't turn away I don't need a world of riches I just need a little time with"
  • Strawberry Kisses - Nikki Webster
    "from the bottom of my heart boy i've gotta tell you this since the day we've been apart you're the only one I miss i'm like a tree with no roots I just can't live without you, yeah yeah thought we were"
  • French Kisses - Jentina
    "Oh-oh-ohhhhh (French Kisses) Oh-oh-ohhhhh Oh-oh-ohhhhh (Kisses) (Kisses) (French Kisses) There's something about him I gazed across a crowded room My heart has spoken, I made the first move, There was"
  • Candy Kisses - Amanda Perez
    "I've got them candy kisses on my mind..) I never met nobody like you. (like you) That'll do all the things that you do. (that you do) Every night when I go to sleep, make my heart skip a beat. By the"
  • Candy Kisses - Neil Sedaka
    "My old lady she's so sweet and fine I can't help it wanting her kisses all the time I run to meet her like kid with a dollar to the corner candy store It's what I'm living for, but I want more than your"
  • Wild Kisses - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well, mister, you see that girl walking down the street That little girl, she used to turn 'em on Wild kisses and a heart that's oh-so-sweet In the middle of the night. And now, wild kisses <wouldn't>"
  • Blowin' Kisses - Nicole C. Mullen
    "Walkin' down Broadway I saw a mom and her baby She came up to me And asked me for a dime I said now come on I'll take you to this diner Gave her more than food It cost me 6 o' 5 People don't need just"
  • Hurricane Kisses - Nuts Can Surf
    "Hurricane kisses, lollipop wishes. Running with the scissors, as the soda pop fizzes. Talking table swimming, bicycle rimming. Get no women, when I'm skimming. Porno infested, not digested. Mucas embedded,"

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