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Chemikals Brother radiate

  • Brother Jukebox - Chestnutt Mark
    "Chestnutt Mark Miscellaneous Brother Jukebox Brother Jukebox -- Mark Chestnutt ----------------------------------- CHORUS: ] Brother jukebox ] Sister wine ] Mother freedom ] Father of time ] Since she"
  • Hello Brother - Louis Armstrong
    "A man wants to work for his pay A man wants a place in the sun A man wants a gal proud to say That she'll become his lovin' wife He wants a chance to give his kids a better life Well hello ah hello brother You"
  • Brother John - Deadman
    "well i remember seeing you seeing you at the show and what seemed like yesterday turned out to be a long time ago well it's hard to believe but that's how it goes one year just bleeds into five won't you"
  • Oh Brother - Ben Taylor
    "No man is a hero every day and even a champion loses the day before the race try not to be sleeping in your wide awake and when your chance comes have fun don't be afraid Oh brother all you got to know"
  • Brother John - Chris De Burgh
    "Well Brother John went down to the garden, On a long hot summer's day. To watch that girl he would hide in the shadows, As she worked the time away, With her long black hair and her eyes of fire, And a"
  • Little Brother - Grizzly Bear
    "Wide eyed and up in arms, my little brother was a solemn one He always had his quiet corner Pride of my countrymen, my little brother will be born again Just give us back our quiet corner Now go back to"
  • Big brother - Sakis Rouvas
    "Hello helloAnyone watching big brother 5 on channel 4tune in any timeand watch big brother 5it is the bestwho do you want to win?I want Marco OR Nadia OR ShellWho do you wanna win?who wants victor OUT?EVERYONE!Emma"
  • Brother Rat - NoMeansNo
    "Let's go out and see what we see Let's go out and see what we see Just you and me Just you and me And there will be no other brother Brother we'll knock back a few And talk about life We'll"
  • Voodoo Brother - Glenn Tipton
    "You can hear the thunder in the sky I can see the fire in your eyes Don't you even think that you can hide You're the same flesh and blood as I Damn the very day that we were born In the centre of"
  • Big Brother - Kabah
    "Ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah No es lo mismo quiero estar a solas Es mucho mejor que aguantar una bola de personas locas alguien en pelotas Comen, sienten, viven, duermen diferente Con un bao dime"

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