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Comes Water

  • Bridge Over Troubled Water - Anthony Callea
    "When you're weary, feeling small When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all I'm on your side when times get rough And friends just can't be found Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me"
  • Hell And High Water - Black Stone Cherry
    "I know your hiding places I know your every move Cus' girl I've been lonely too I've seen a million faces Been to a million places But girl there's no one quite like you And I'd walk through hell and"
  • Something In The Water - Lee Kernaghan
    "Lyndal is a waitress and she looks a little like Faith Hill Turning heads down at the roadhouse working the grill you'd expect she'd be the only one but theres plenty more like her out here where she comes"
  • Water Out Of Wine - Banks Tony
    "Banks Tony Still Water Out Of Wine In the dark it seems so easy now If you could just remember how the problem can be solved The sun comes up lightening the sky But everyday is the same Doubts return and"
  • Life In Dark Water - Al Stewart
    "Oh come away from the day, here I stay Living on the bottom of the sea Down metal snake corridors steely grey Engines hum for nobody but me No sound comes from the sea above me No messages crackles"
  • Water - Jack Garratt
    "Water, water wash Water wash over me, cool me down Cool me down Water, water leave Water leave through the valleys you wore down Wear me down Drown me in the water Drown me in the sea Lose me in the dark Drag"
  • Intro/Walk On Water - Men Without Hats
    "here is the water the one that rushes from our hearts into the sea endlessly hoping to be here is the water the one that rushes from our minds into the street endlessly hoping to meet they said we"
  • Water - John Frusciante
    "Water inside We're all in water Water we climb and run through it Water inside We're all in water Reaching inside of a big death bag When you are through danger Ends are met and live Where they are happens"
  • Fish Out Of Water - One Minute Silence
    "I 'm done with yesterday, tomorrow I will drop today I cannot operate on what I can and cannot say I put my foot in it- tomorrow is another day Some ya win, some ya lose, the fish are out water You're"
  • A Hero Comes Home - Idina Menzel
    "Out of the mist of history he'll come again. Sailing on ships across the sea to a wounded nation. Signs of a savior like fire on the water, It's what we prayed for, one of our own. Just wait though while"

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