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Could could could

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Could could could
  • Esthero How Could I
    "( John Forte feat. Esthero ) John Forte: I often pondered and I asked her how well she knew me I turned to ask her that and she looked right through me The nerve you have to ask me that is all she softly"
  • Jaheim Could It Be?
    "Huh, uh yeah Bout to put it to 'em With some ghetto slick shit, heh Check it out, one time For your motherfuckin' mind (motherfuckin' mind) Yo I'm saying they gon' smell me on this one No doubt, he-heh Check"
  • C21 Could You Ever
    "Please forgive what I said all my words I regret hope you never ever let go now I know I needed you so Tears are drowning my heart I need you to tell me tell me baby...... Could you ever love me again"
  • Dingdong Avanzado Wish I Could
    "i wonder where you are right now wish i could see you somehow can't seem to ease the pain since you've been gone nothing's been the same how i wish you could have stayed awhile how i wish that i could"
  • Kevin Martin And The Hiwatts If We Could
    "If I could decide on what i've decided If I could confide in whom i've confided And if I believed in all I believe in We deny it all No trust inside If we could see ourselves Would we get it right?"
  • Michael Bolton If I Could
    "If I Could I'd protect you from the sadness in your eyes Give you courage in a world of compromise Yes I would If I could I would teach you all the things I've never learned And I'd help you cross the"
  • Jadakiss Could It Be
    "Artist/Band Jaheim Song title Could It Be? Album Submitted by Terronald Lyrics Huh, uh yeah Bout to put it to 'em With some ghetto slick shit, heh Check it out, one time For your motherfuckin' mind (motherfuckin'"
  • Queen Adreena How could i
    "There you were like a ghost from my early days, staring straightahead at me.How could I ever guess, from that moment on, just how everythingwould change.How could I know?I recall something strange coming"
  • 98 Mute Could This Be
    "Could this be happening to me A dream come true just call me lucky You always taught me to believe This is the way you always said that it could be So now I'm thanking you You always understood me And"
  • Anthony Marc How Could I
    "Anthony Marc Marc Anthony How Could I it was a coldest day in december a day i will always remember i looked into your eyes and faced my deepest fear i had drifted too far far from you my dear so how"

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