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Davi Bowie

  • I Wish You Would - David Bowie
    "Early in the morning by the break of day That's when my baby went away Come back baby I wish you would This crying and grieving won't do me no good Hugging and a-kissing, late at night You know pretty"
  • See Emily Play - David Bowie
    "Emily tries but misunderstands She's often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams 'til tomorrow There is no other day Let's try it another way You'll lose your mind and play Free games for May See Emily"
  • Everything's Alright - David Bowie
    "Oh, little baby You know I've been away Oh, little baby You know I'll come today Don't you know that Everything's alright (everything's alright) Everything's alright Everything's alright (everything's"
  • I Took On A Gemini Spaceship - David Bowie
    "Took a trip on a Gemini spacecraft And I thought about you I passed through the shadow of Jupiter (sigh) And I thought about you I shot my spacegun And boy, I really felt blue Two or three flying saucers Parked"
  • It's No Game - David Bowie
    "Shirueto ya kage ga kakumei o miteiru Mo tengoku no giu no kaidan wa nai Silhouettes and shadows watch the revolution No more free steps to heaven It's no game Ore genjitsu kara shime dasare Nani ga okkote"
  • Jump They Say - David Bowie
    "When comes the shaking man A nation in his eyes Striped with blood and emblazed tattoo Streaking cathedral spire They say he has no brain They say he has no mood They say he was born again They say look"
  • Laughing Gnome - David Bowie
    "No one can blame you for walking away But too much rejection, uh huh... No love injection Life can be easy It's not always swell Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl 'cause it hurts like hell But down"
  • Life On Mars - Jasper Steverlinck - David Bowie
    "It's a God awful small affair To the girl with the mousey hair, But her mummy is yelling, "No!" And her daddy has told her to go, But her friend is nowhere to be seen. Now she walks through her sunken"
  • Looking For Water - David Bowie
    "Silver leaves are spinning round Take my hand as we go down and down and down Looking for water But I lost God in a New York minute Don't know about you but my heart's not in it (Looking looking looking) I'm"
  • She'll Drive The Big Car - David Bowie
    "She waited by the moon She was sick with fear and cold She felt too old for all of this Of course she never showed She lugged her suitcase to the bus Melted home through the snow North along riverside She"

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