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  • Drop dem' boes - Lil' Jon
    "Once again up in that south from my motherfucking mouth and creeping up on y'all niggas like a motherfucking mouse Stepping on these tracks like fags and drag queens And shitting on you busters like I"
  • Shake Dem Dredz - Tc Missez
    "Ooo, Ahh Shake dem dreas between my legs Put yo face between my legs Don't hold back cause I ain't scared From da way dat you was chewin I bet you give dat fiya head Don't let yo grill boost yo mouth"
  • Vor Dem Sturm - Die Toten Hosen
    "Die Leistungstrger der Nation atmen endlich auf. Die Yuppies sitzen auf dem Thron, vergessen ist die Null-Bock-Fraktion. Splittergruppen an der Front sind chancenlos. Ihr feiert schon unsere Beerdigung kurz"
  • Love Dem Bad - Buju Banton
    "(feat. Red Rat) Buju B and Red Rat love dem bad without gal pickney what kinda fun we woulda have when me see them me glad miles upon miles me ready fi trod, can?t tired I don?t know what them"
  • Tho Dem Wrappas - Nelly
    "Uhh, I boss thru in a Hummer, Murphy the Don, Lizzie, Keyuan With the best thunder than Sean John, you don't want none Partna I gather up and leave their heads swollen up On top of all that, I got the"
  • Tho Dem Wrappas - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "Talking Uhh, I boss thru in a Hummer, Murphy the Don, Lizzie, Keyuan With the Best thunder than Shaun Jon, you don't want None partna im Batter up and leavin heads swollen up On top of all that, I got"
  • Who Dem Niggas - Tha Alkaholiks
    "f/ Threat Intro: I am Captain of Egor Hahahaha, this nigga is doin impressions! He's doin impressions! Hi Tremaine... Yo Threat, you ready? (yeah) Sup? Verse One: Threat Who is you nigga who is"
  • Beej N Dem - Slum Village
    "And get drunk off my dick tonight I want you to get plastered off of my meatsock tonight Please blaze my dick like a blunt and Make me want your cunt It's all I want It's all I want, that's all I ever"
  • Burn Dem Turf - Sizzla
    "And now the one that's rised so high as the most high Emperor Selassie I Say one love Well red Show we them a fi go burn dem turf No take no bribe from no friends fi start the fire we a burn eh"
  • Watch dem niggaz - Nas
    "They never realized how real NAS is so decisive it's just the likeness if Isrealites mist that made me write this a slight twist of lime rhyme be chasin down your primetime foos for thouught we rather"

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