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EZ Livin

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EZ Livin
  • Van Morrison No trouble livin
    "Don't talk to me 'bout life problems or How you wish that things could be 'Cause I don't have no trouble livin' It's jus' dyin that bothers me Don't offer me no sad stories or Tell me that you're all at"
  • Allison Mose No Trouble Livin'
    "Allison Mose Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison No Trouble Livin' Don't talk to me 'bout life's problems or How you wish that things could be 'Cause I don't have no trouble livin' It's jus' dyin'"
  • Godsmack Livin' In Sin
    "Once again my friend Storm clouds are rolling in Broken inside myself Can't seem to break this trend Can't break it! And I've seen it all And I've walked it tall Lived in sin Where do I begin? Caught"
  • Mungo Jerry Livin Aint Easy
    "Livin' ain't easy, now your baby's said goodbye, Livin' ain't easy, when all you do is cry, She said goodbye, you wanna die, it's no lie, Livin' ain't easy, now your baby's gone away, Livin' ain't easy"
  • Jimmy Buffett Livin it up
    "He took one last look Tossed that address book His odyssey had begun No time to see sights Ran all the red lights Burned all his bridges Now it's love on the run Livin' it up Is takin' all of his time"
  • Carl Smith Lovin' Is Livin'
    "Well I like kiss every mornin' a kiss every night a whole mess of hugs in between Cause lovin' is livin' and you ain't really livin' till you learn what lovin' can mean And honey baby if you doubt me just"
  • Billy Burnette Didn't Start Livin'
    "Written by billy burnette and tony colton. Well I thought I was a bad boy Chasin' everything in sight I didn't come alive 'til the sun went down at night I thought I'd been everywhere Done everything"
  • Diana Ross Lovin', Livin' Givin'
    "(k. stover/p. davis) My love was in a storm The bitter wind was blowin' around me I'd sit and cry but By and by it just faded away Rainbow, painted skies, Brought a smile into my eyes The scent of flowers"
  • Al Green Livin' For You
    "I guess there's no good reason for livin'... But I'll keep on livin' for you, baby... There's nothing else to do, babe... But spend my life holding you and lovin' you... Oh... If I ask you more than one"
  • Fred Durst Livin' It Up
    "Livin' in the fast lane This is dedicated to you Ben Stiller You are my favorite mutherfucker I told you, didn't I? Drama makes the world go around Does anybody got a problem with that? My business"

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