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Effice 65

  • Confidence In The System/Centaur (Remix) - Buck 65
    "most people are curious some wanna get dirt on the centaur im famous I walk around with not shirt on the easiest way would be for you to lie face down i'm a man but im built like a horse from the waist"
  • Achilles And The Tortoise - Buck 65
    "''' ''' This collection of sketches, rough and scattered, is arranged by instinct. There's entropy at work, but mostly it happened by accident Sure a story goes with this, but for it to make sense you'd"
  • Drawing Curtains - Buck 65
    "Ma foi, my force, ma voix, my vows Gypsy Madonna, all your beauty's in your eyebrows Don't touch them, je fais le dernier pari, silently Finally I feel all the furies of love violently Flowers in the rain,"
  • Devil's Eyes(Piano Version) - Buck 65
    "Diabolique, Je peux voir tes yeux hurler La nuit. Ils vivent en moi dans mes rves. Tu aimes galement chaque chose. Tu aimes galement chaque chose. J'ai raison. N'existent pas d'autres voies. Luttons"
  • Food Song - Buck 65
    "mmmm Food it puts me in a good mood it keeps me goin' When under strains ain't nothin worse than hunger pains Right there, start with light fair if need be, Snax with a X, whatever just feed me some"
  • Bandits - Buck 65
    "Cardboard crown across the side says fragile Shirt unbuttoned, pleasure fool, I'm agile Ripped up forms, men with swords tear the flesh Eyes like shadows, one way ticket, Marrakesh No doors or windows"
  • Beauty Is A Skill - Buck 65
    "i say tomato (toh-may-toh) so instead you say (toh-mah-toh), and i say light-skinned but you say mulatto. i don't know, i prefer to go straight off the chest, ya suck certain judges' dicks and then you"
  • G.C. Luther - Buck 65
    "read the reviews, how can you say that rookie's butter? he's just another piece of ginger bread from the cookie cutter. abide by the laws of architectural evolution to build a spark of sexual revolution. i"
  • Grindstone Cowboy - Buck 65
    "little dj critical, the analytical, will ridicule and make the other djs sick 'cause he's infectious. he doesn't wear gloves but he gets wreckless on the one and two and eats cereal for breakfast. with"
  • Pen Thief - Buck 65
    "pen thief, i sit with my back to the television, thinking deeply, watching the ink seep into the page. the wars i wage are fought to the finish, with written symbols and nimble fingers. i'm hooked up"

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