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Feeling withney

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Feeling withney
  • Edda Crazy Feeling
    "Every time I have you around me baby I get a sensation that I can't explain Every time you put your arms around me I'm fighting a feeling but it's all in vain (I feel like I'm flying, feel like I'm"
  • Beloved Loving Feeling
    "baby, baby, oh, i'm telling you now i'm on my knees it's like a dream come true so many things that i want to say put your arms 'round me in your special way got a feeling deep inside couldn't hide this"
  • Rebelution Feeling Alright
    "Well it's about that time for us to look around and meet somebody new Let's all welcome in familiar faces, perhaps somebody who, Has got a conflict in their life Tell them you're sorry, but there's ways"
  • Stelios Konstantas Feeling alive
    "give me your hand, give me your smilegive me your kiss baby please just be minei need your love, i need you tonighti've waited for you baby all of my life - all of my lifei'm feeling alive when you're"
  • Stelios Constantas Feeling Alive
    "Give me your hand Give me your smile Give me your kiss baby please just be mine I need your love I need you tonight I've waited for you baby all of my life - all of my life I'm feeling alive when you're"
  • Nkotb Funny Feeling
    "All I asked for was your hand, love was in demand, how was I to understand? Then you told me how you feel, it was so unreal, guess, it's time for me to reveal the way I feel. Gotta funny feeling that"
  • Jackie Wilson Sweetest Feeling
    "The closer you get the better you look baby The better you look the more i want you When you turn on your smile I feel my heart go wild I'm like a child with a brand new toy And i get the.... Sweetest"
  • E-Rotic Untouchable feeling
    "Babe I hold you tight Wanna feel you close tonight I need love and I can't wait, to have you Life is what you find It's a ramalama lovin' time You can touch me anywhere, but my heart Untouchable feeling"
  • Crowded House Skin Feeling
    "I like that middle initial I like the way it serves me I like the pigment in your skin I like the way it moves me I like kids when they're asleep their little arms around you I like the way we play games don't"
  • L'Arc~En~Ciel Feeling fine
    "Are you feeling fine?Nemurenai yoru ni wa kimi no maboroshi ga...She said, "Loving you made me happy everyday"Ano koro to onaji sa mujyaki na kao de hanashikakenaideTsunagatteite mo yokan shiteta kara"

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