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  • I Think - Aceyalone
    "I think My name's the reverend deacon minister maximillion speaking to you About the laws of the land and flaws of man See the walls can't stand higher than we can put 'em now can they Anybody need to"
  • Bust - Connells
    "Bust Morning lands like aeroplanes wrecked inside my bed. Your favorite Teenage Fanclub song is knocking around my head. In fits and starts remembering the things I should regret but I don't want to sanitize"
  • Iron Man - Die Krupps
    "Go shed the old skin - for the new skin transgression let the old flesh - rotten to trash resurrection seize the old laws riddled by flaws perfection open your mind don't stay behind progression weakness"
  • Super Steve - Machinae Supremacy
    "I only act and speak as I feel Their world so enigmatic and unreal We've got some freak potential but that's just great it makes us who we are, molding our mental state it feels so fragile our"
  • Two Years - No Motiv
    "There's something in the attic behind the door he has no motivation anymore all his promises are forgotten... a forgotten once good well known remedy because now he chose the bottle not himself and brought"
  • Banished And Loving It - Ghost
    "This time I won't be hanging around I'll sever the ties that have me gagged and bound (your idle hands have tied you down) Whats to lose, enemies or friends? Whats the lynch mob's verdict, am I truth or"
  • Cold Chillin' Cold Chillin - Bomb The Music Industry!
    "Cold face, cold legs. Walk three blocks and pay two bucks. One bold sign: Interference on the line, waiting twenty minutes time every time. Transfer at Bedford, twenty more Manhattan bound, ten billion"
  • Chloe - Blood Or Whiskey
    "There she was my soap box Derby queen The girl I loved was the girl from yesterday So I walked up to her and asked her what's your name? She smiled and turned I suppose it was my fame I want your body,"
  • ? ??????? ???? - Reflex
    "- - ! -: - , - ... - , ... {{Translation|Russian}} Uhodit'-ne pomnit' Dazhe ne pytat'sya Nabirat' tvoy nomer Chtoby poproshat'sya Pered"
  • Tastethevirus - Midasuno
    "Your movies end in the strangest ways A shark ethic prevails Pull with the punches hope for the sun's decay The circumstance has changed A blacklist cast in sin The sky's a message lover's hurricane If"

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