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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around

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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around
  • Freddie Mercury My Love Is Dangerous
    "(Freddie Mercury) My love is dangerous, dangerous, my love is dangerous Always make you bleed always make you bleed Always make you bleed, love is dangerous Don't follow in my footsteps, you don't belong"
  • Freddie Mercury I Was Born To Love You
    "(Freddie Mercury) An amazing feeling coming through... I was born to love you with every single beat of my heart Yes I was born to take care of you Every single day of my life You are the one for me,"
  • Freddie Mercury There Must Be More To Life Than This
    "(Freddie Mercury) There must be more to life than this There must be more to life than this How do we cope in a world without love Mending all those broken hearts And tending to those crying faces There"
  • Moonspell Moon In Mercury
    "Medusa caught in the mirror blade Expression burnt in the waters red Under her wing born all the same No dreams of rising for the kind of Man Moon in Mercury Queen of the deeps in dust portrayed The broken"
  • Freddie Mercury Your Kind Of Lover
    "(Freddie Mercury) Now you say you're leaving me, I just can't believe it's true You're my kind of lover Wanna little bit of feeling, add a little bit of meaning to my life I wanna little bit of feeling,"
  • Freddie Mercury Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
    "(Freddie Mercury) You had to kill the conversation You always had the upper hand Got caught in love and stepped in sinking sand You had to go and ruin all our plans Packed your bags and you're leaving"
  • Brian Setzer '49 Mercury Blues
    "I'm broken down On the side of the road Damn brakes locked up in the rain Smoke's pourin' out From under the hood I'm stuck on the highway again I'm too young to quit Too old to change Baby what am I gonna"
  • Virgin Steele Arms Of Mercury
    "I raise my head I close my eyes The Statue stares the Apparition smiles Am I here living in Mystery to the last When all Gods must die... I am yours, Pain lives inside of me To the End when the Final Rain"
  • Jim Carroll Pools Of Mercury
    "Sirens begin, the red light spins Hungry go the thieves Betty's in the sandbox trying to detox She always wears long sleeves Desdemona in a red kimona can't get off the bench Her bolts are fused, her"
  • Project 86 Shelter Me Mercury
    "Shelter me With mercury vials Escape is the machine to Shelter me With media tablets We'll turn today into a- Dream More doses More screens More vials to Shelter me With sweet escape I'm looking for a"

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