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Hair - Aquarius

  • Pretty Golden Hair - Al Stewart
    "In England's pleasant green Like a picture postcard scene To childhood spread with fond maternal care From the day that he was born Proud relations came to fawn And compliment his pretty golden hair In"
  • Hide Nor Hair - Ray Charles
    "Ohhhh, I was lying in the bed with fever And I was, burning up inside My baby walked, in my bedroom And I could hardly open my eyes She said that she was going to the pawnshop Just across the track She"
  • Braid My Hair - Mario
    "When you look at me, i know you see a 15 year old, gettin his dough back and fourth to the studios hoppin ROUND limosines, rockin the latest jeans jordans, fresh, t-shirts, new and even though these things"
  • Pull My Hair - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Girl Talking) Hey You You know you been talkin a lot of shit Whisperin in my ear Makin me feel all hot and bothered and shit Makin a muthafucka horny You say you can fuck Prove it (D-Roc) Look bitch"
  • Pull My Hair - Bright Eyes
    "is the passion all gone? or is it still newly wed? if all this heat is doing is making us stick to the bed then there is no life to revive. but if the hunger is still there, buried somewhere inside covered"
  • Combing My Hair - Travis
    "Now people always come around But they don't always stick around I run a comb across my head I wish my hair would settle down The clock I see is running slow The batteries are running low I run a comb"
  • Short Blonde Hair - Everclear
    "Hey I think this is getting to me ... First class living In a goldfish bowl Just when I think I have driven my life Where I wanted it to be It takes me to a place That I do not want to go All I ever"
  • Hair Don't Grow - Annuals
    "Dear Lord Jesus, My eyes wont close and my hands wont clap and my hair don't grow I'm so lonely My minds gonna go If i dont find me a friend in the snow You've taken more than I owe I want from no one what"
  • Sister golden hair - America
    "Well I tried to make it Sunday, but I got so damned depressedThat I set my sights on Monday and I got myself undressedI ain't ready for the altar but I do agree there's timesWhen a woman sure can be a"
  • Fixing Her Hair - Ani DiFranco
    "she's looking in the mirror she's fixing her hair and I touch my head to feel what isn't there she's humming a melody we learned in grade school she's so happy and I think this is not cool 'cause I know"

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