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  • Broken Head - Eno, Brian
    "I was just a broken head I stole the world that others punctured Now I stumble through the garbage Slide and tumble, slide and stumble Beak and claw, remorse reminder Slide and tumble, slide and stumble Back"
  • Human Head - Cannae
    "Standing with a slight slant, the head seemed to be twisted on just right. Collared shirt and tie. presentable to who, I don't know. A smile stretched across the face with puppet strings holding each side"
  • Head Bash - Room 2012
    "I'm gonna mess your mind Head bash! Check this out They're snapping like alligators The've got their headband and trainers They're coming in through the walls They wanna giggle and roar DJ just"
  • Head First - Overkill
    "I push to the left, you pull to the right! It's a stand off. Gainin' no ground. Outta the dark and into the lights! It's a breakthrough. Startin' with sound. I can't forget the look on your face! In shock, Startin'"
  • Jason's Head - Dead Milkmen
    "Jason said he's gonna get you in the bed But when he does in the morning you'll be dead Jason can be a friend to the end She said "Jason close your eyes and count to ten" I think it's obvious Jason got"
  • Head On - Jesus And Mary Chain
    "As soon as I get my head round you I come around catching sparks off you I get an electric charge from you This second-hand living it just wont do And the way I feel tonight I could die and I wouldnt mind And"
  • Ugly Head - Marc Almond
    "Oh I bet your life You're sick of the sight Of those eat in, take out, throw up pizza bars Love's just got to pass your way in time You smell of prison, smell of crime I just didn't want to say I told"
  • Head First - Babys
    "Head First Well the first time that I saw ya You looked down and out And I had my doubts About you But baby since I've come to know ya I ain't got no doubts What it's about Me and baby We're going out"
  • Head Hurts - Eskimo Joe
    "You wake up somedays and your head hurts Like none of the lights in your house work Youve been up all night spending other peoples money Its time to slow down from the speed that your running Its hard"
  • Head Bussa - N.O.R.E.
    "(feat. Noreaga) Head bussa . . . Head bussa . . . Head bussa . . . Head bussa . . . I don't know 'bout you, but I'm a head bussa (head bussa) Hey yo . . . Yo, N-O-R, you can catch me in my favorite"

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