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Hear'Say - One

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Hear'Say - One
  • Faith Hill One
    "I've tried with all my might But still don't understand why we ever let it get so out of hand My arms are reaching out and holding on tight To what it always felt so right It's hard to figure out the answers"
  • Alimee Mann One
    "One is the loneliest numberThat you'll ever doTwo can be as bad as oneIt's the loneliest number since the number oneNo is the saddest experienceYou'll ever knowYes, it's the saddest experienceYou'll ever"
  • Stephen Simmonds One
    "1st verse In light of all the evil things, I'm done I believe there is only one who can embrace my soul with purifying love Your beauty is comparable to none many moons and many suns will pass, our love"
  • Sunny Day Real Estate One
    "and it's strange how we're wasting our lives novacaine when the pain helps us rise here we stay though it's only a clever game running from our lives and we linger on... but if we try to lift up our eyes replacing"
  • Hot Chip One One One
    "Oh I went astray, oh I went upstate Where I heard about a boy, a boy Calm and tranquil now, and we engineered Something open wide, someplace people hide from stares Makes me dream sometimes, makes me dream"
  • Scooter One
    "(Always Hardcore)I am the horseman I'm mentally mad I am a super sharp shooter Sittin' on a roof top! My name is MC H. I've got the big breaks And the bass One, two, check It's a mixture Rough to the core"
  • TQ One
    "Ohh, yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah Gonna sing you a little song Yeah yeah, baby I've never been that kind of nigga To write a love song, oh no At least a real one (But this is the one) I can't believe it"
  • Craig's Brother One
    "All grievances reached no words to be said The barrier breached now come lay your head And she's found a new way her hands letting go (hurting so) You've too much to say your new words heard old (letting"
  • Jamelia One
    "(Rap) Its your favourite little miss On top of dis ish Showing you how its is When you get your wish Never knew that I could kick it Demolishing the wicked Didn't have to be paper for Me to rip it Displaying"
  • Original Cast One
    "conceived, choreographed and directed by MICHAEL BENNET book by JAMES KIRKWOOD and NICHOLAS DANTE music by MARVIN HAMLISCH lyrics by EDWARD KLEBAN FOLLOWS "The Music and The Mirror" MIKE, AL, DON,"

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