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I'm trying

  • Are you trying to fall in love again - Tindersticks
    "My my, it doesn't matter what you say From the start, I hang off every word you say Oh, tonight, are you trying to fall in love again? Does it make it all right? Are you trying to fall in love again? Now,"
  • I Can Hear You Trying To Trick Me - Press Return
    "Accretions of all kinds Are the maydays of our time. She said "baby, I got high." But I had an itch in my eye. The story's I choose to pursue Have nothing to do with you Cause the benevolence excused"
  • Quit Trying - Bunny Wailer
    "You better quit trying to live my life for me You better quit trying stop nagging me so constantly You better quit trying, I just want for you to let me be Cause I've got who I want to show"
  • Stop Trying - Huey Lewis & The News
    "(Chorus) Stop trying, stop trying to call her, She doesn't want your sympathy Stop trying, stop trying to call her She's exactly what she wants to be. She goes up and down but never goes out She's"
  • We're Trying - Sanctus Real
    "There's a familiar progression to similar lives that we all lead We're trying hard to become someone we can't be You won't find grace without honesty Everyone wants reality, so here it is; I believe that"
  • Still Trying - Midtown
    "Everyone's just looking for a reason to go on But every time I turn around I feel that you are gone And I know from my mistake before I should have seen the truth Do it one more time And it'll be my fault"
  • The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me - Non Phixion
    "Non-Phixion be the real hip hop We make you wanna kill cops Cats hatin, 'cause they know I finga girls twats You feel helpless, real jealous, we killed Elvis I shot Reagan with the help of the secret service Super"
  • Trying To Hide A Fire In The Dark - Billy Dean
    "From the thoughts that I've been thinkin' I should think of an alibi Thought I'm innocent I've still got a guilty mind There's no place that I can turn to when she turns out the lights To keep her from"
  • I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here - AFI
    "Before you came what was your name? Did you look like me? No one's from here, no one my dear Not even the trees So change your name Just keep your face We're temporary anyway Before you came We played"
  • Keep Trying - Against All Authority
    "I offer little resistance, it's a pitiful existence Your industry is polluting me And my mind and I can barely find the time to read the signs of Things to come, that's what they want You know that's what"

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