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Im blue daa bee dee

  • Shoo Bee Do Bee Do - La Bouche
    "Verse1 I feel good, like I should I was out for love and there you stood I prayed to God to make it last Boy I never fell in love so fast Bridge: You give me everything I've been dreaming of I got you"
  • Im Gunna Lift My Voice - Openmindead
    "I'm gonna lift my voice I'm gunna raise it up on high. Im gonna lift my voice 'till it reaches to the sky. I'm gonna sing a song with gladdness I'm gonna make the rafters ring! I'm gonna lift my voice"
  • I Know Im Losing You - Rare Earth
    "Warm Ride RARE EARTH (BEE GEES) Come to me baby, I got something to say I been changin' your direction ev'ry step of the way Now I bring emotion and I bring desire And I bring the potion to set you on"
  • Blue Summer - Amoric
    "If summer was blue It's not a thing that would surprise you If someone knew you There wouldn't be a need to know who I'll watch you as you sleep At least a memory is mine to keep You've touched me so deep I"
  • True Blue - John Williamson
    "Hey true blue dont say your gone say your knocked off for a smoko and you'll be back later on. Hey true blue, Hey true blue. you can turn me straight, face to face, are you really disappearing, just another"
  • Midnight blue - Saga
    "Aint got no regrets and I aint losing track Of which way Im going,I aint gonna double back,now Dont want no misplay,put on no display An angel? No! But I know my way,oh yeah oh I used to follow,yeah,thats"
  • Blue Jeans - Jessie James
    "I hang in my blue jeans I swing in my blue jeans Im representing Georgia so I twang in my Who likes my blue jeans? You like my blue jeans, especially when I wear my cowboy boots with my I, Im so fly I"
  • Mamy Blue - Ricky Shane
    "Oh Mamy Oh mamy mamy blue .... Ich ging im zorn einst von dir fort ganz ohne Kuss und AbschiedswordIch drehte mich nicht einmal um - oh Mama Ich sah das Leben und die Welt - und pltzlich hab ich festgestellt Wie"
  • Black & Blue - Mika Nakashima
    "Sono kusatta kokoro demo Watashi no uta wa todoku wa Ii kibun ni naritakerya Damatte karada azukena. Oh fool dont know what to do Kono kuchibiru ga hoshiku nai? Saki ni me wo sora shitara Your love is Nigekire"
  • Black & Blue - Lil Eddie
    "Day three Its been a long week Mondays are the worse for me Cold feet, as im slowly approaching home (oh cant you say??) When she asks me, innocently why you breaking my heart silently aint no telling"

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