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In the hotel room

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In the hotel room
  • Celine Dion My Room
    "Celine Dion Incognito My Room La vie vient du palier Le vent vient de la cour Ma chambre est habite Par des secrets d'amour la tte du lit Deux tables de chevet Une avec un cahier L'autre avec un carnet"
  • Song Parodies Hotel Of The Emperor (The Eagles - Hotel California)
    "(copyright Steven Cavanagh 1993-2002) Went to Darth Vader my way handcuffs on my hands walker came to meet us rising up in the air up ahead in the distance a shuttle platform, at night the air grew"
  • The Streets Hotel Expressionism
    "The fine art of hotel expressionism Pen a sentiment with the kettle and condiments Compose your mood using the soap hanging chute(?) The minibar can be part of the art In the early hours of a blurry hotel"
  • The Cars Hotel Quennie
    "Hotel Queenie why can't you make some moves tonight I saw you with the phone and I wonder if you could still talk I picked up your photo I'm looking for your sultry stare When did you change the color"
  • The Fall Hotel Bloedel
    "And it's painless Sitting in subterranea Ancient reference To Mesopotamia And it's quiet again Hidden fragments, surface now Repetitious history One more time for the record 2013 Philippsburg Confederate"
  • The Animals Hotel Hell
    "The neon sign flashes, Leaves its mark against the wall The TV is silent And will stay that way until dawn The sheets are so cold, The telephone is dumb And I'm so very far from my home In the dark I"
  • The Black Crowes Hotel Illness
    "Oh good heavens, baby where's my medicine? I must have left it outside with my etiquette The undertaker's rule of thumb It's hard to talk with a novocain tongue This room smells like hotel illness The"
  • Fury In The Slaughterhouse In Your Room
    "In your room There's a bed in the corner In your room There's a view over the town In your room You're tipewriters telling stories In your room There are you waiting for me When I look into your eyes I"
  • The White Stripes Hotel Yorba
    "I was watching with one eye on the other side I had fifteen people telling me to move I got moving on my mind I found shelter In some thoughts turning wheels around I said 39 times that I love you to the"
  • The Legendary Pink Dots Hotel Noir
    "Two glasses on a glass-top table. Lights are low, the ashtray's full. he talks of all his conquests--letters ringed with hearts and crosses. He left them in the drawer (at Hotel Noir)--unanswered, yet"

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