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  • Bob Dylan You Changed My Life
    "You changed my life Came along in a time of strife In hunger and need You made my heart bleed You changed my life You changed my life Now the nature of man Is to beg and to steal I'd do it myself It's"
  • Mordred In This Life
    "The faces of the figureheads Are there to fear them but The money bells are ringing For those who hear them and The seeds of your future Await for you to sow them and The sound of your voices Will ultimately"
  • Badfinger Hey, Mr. Manager
    "Waiting for the phone to tell me you and I are through And I'm not alone, I guess that everybody wants it, too You got no feeling, you've been dealing all the wrongs Your lies are stealing Lord, I think"
  • Neal Morse Wasted Life
    "Hearts can turn away And the roots of bitterness can carry the day And I was done, it was over I'd become Just another heart without a home And I was angry that God had left me alone Since I had No"
  • Going Nowhere Fast The WAR Song
    "War and terror in the Middle East, dying for a "so called peace." Oil is money, and money ain't free Would you die? Would you die for me? Would you die for me? The days go by and you wonder why, why"
  • Autumn Whispering Secrets
    "Myths, legends, untold stories Pass by like successive seasons Mythical oaths, forgotten glories They don't happen without reason Whispering secrets Thoughts, they seem so common To me they don't make"
  • Millencolin An Elf & His Zippo
    "Receive a slicky effort, avoid mental disaster pollute attempt to trape a breed authority so long, Mr. Turtle shrimp threatened by all the advance port supply protect caused by pollution. Don't let go,"
  • Paradise Lost I Despair
    "In your hands I'm trying flight I can't die In your hands I'm trying. In your hands I'm trying flight I can't die, I'm flying in the cold breeze every night Spare me all the strife My desires never tire"
  • Dogwood Bored Games
    "I've done all I can on my own, I've worked my fingers to the bone, Now as I sit here all alone, I wonder how, I wonder how I could have shown..., you were my life, You caused pain and strife, You"
  • Belasco Glass rock
    "They don't mind they don't walk falling out is just a line take a walk among the trees find your feet and walk in in my lies and talk in in my eyes there's a wall described by me pull it out to find your"

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