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Insane Clown Posse The Sky Is Falling

  • Falling - Nightingale
    "The darkness returned in this void where I will fall All the dreams from my past they're all clouded by their call I'm getting used to funerals that no one attends So I'm following the shadows to where"
  • Falling - Lacuna Coil
    "I stand, looking at my hands I talk with these lines That's not the answer I cry and now I know looking the sky I search an answer So free, free to be I'm not another liar I just want to be myself... myself And"
  • The Sky! - Junior Varsity
    "So tired and half insane I'm fed a steady diet of novacaine But it's not enough to numb the pain But when the sky, the sky comes falling down And our burned up bodies reach into the ground There's voices"
  • The People - Insane Clown Posse
    "This one is for my people all the very people This one is for my people We got trees growin out the dirt for us to climb on beats attackin your ears for us to ryme on Our time with a bag of purp 3 5 dimes"
  • Waking Up Insane - Deadboy & The Elephantmen
    "scaring the Ghosts away wake me when i'm sane on Mardi Gras day the cold of death it may tear you from my breast yet I know you are the smoke that is my breath under the sky to live is to die raven black"
  • Sky - Blue Rodeo
    "Looks like someone let you down told you lies and you believed took you out into their garden and walked you through the weeds Sky come falling down again sky come falling down again Called you"
  • The Killing Fields - Insane Clown Posse
    "Laying in my bed, I think of many horror tales Yet I barely move, my bed is made of nails I try to roll, my skin slowly tears away My flesh is stuck to my bed as I begin my day Walking out the house, this"
  • The Perfect Night - Insane Clown Posse
    "On the perfect night the graveyard is lit by a full moon Autumn leaves and stone often treated with an old boom Here and there the night air carries bass drops The soundtrack is something fast running"
  • Sky - Converge
    "The sky is falling around me. You choke in the saturated bliss. A sky so much bluer than mine. Strangulation of your warm soul. Your flesh weakens me, Joyless under the falling sky, Your sky seems"
  • Is That You? - Insane Clown Posse
    "Violent J, Violent J, is that you? I'm on the microphone, so what'cha wanna do? Violent J, Violent J, is that you? A wicked, wicked clown painted just for you I drink Faygo it's only a buck-ten I'm a pour"

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