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Inxs mistify

  • Not Enough Time - INXS
    "And I was lost for words In your arms Attempting to make sense Of my aching heart If I could just be Everything and everyone to you This life would just be so easy Not enough time for all That I want"
  • All Around - INXS
    "I see the rising sun I feel the warming one We've come a circle To the way we once begun No one's really sure How to make it up Or give a name to the way We've been acting lately All around All around All"
  • Mystify - INXS
    "All veils and misty Streets of blue Almond looks That chill divine Some silken moment Goes on forever And we're leaving broken hearts behind Mystify Mystify me Mystify Mystify me I need perfection Some"
  • One X One - INXS
    "And when your heart stops beating And the stars stop shining When all your tears go dry Honey one by one I will still be there I will sing your song And come to you Oh oh all night long And is this all"
  • Shining Star - INXS
    "Mmmm I got a plan Yeah, you got a plan Gotta plan ahead I got a plan that'll make you a star Make you go rich, make you go far Take your life and throw it on a bus Make you feel like you make a fuss Bright"
  • This Time - INXS
    "I will believe you If you say it's true Girl you know I need you more than any Word spoken I've seen you before Turn and walk away You say you won't come back It's a game anyway We are hoping - yes we"
  • Faith In Each Other - INXS
    "All the people In this world All the people In this world I gotta tell you it's alright Look at the cover Of a magazine The pride of a nation They're down on their knees I gotta tell you Let the people"
  • On My Way - INXS
    "Shake make it forever Curling from you lips Faith and it's not over Bring on that famous word Love don't abuse it And you'll never be sad again I'm on my way I'm on my way Blood's getting hotter Thinking"
  • The Loved One - INXS
    "Yonder she's walking She comes my way Her red dress on Her long black hair Walking like Talking like Wanting like She comes to me Oh baby I love you so I need you now I want you back I can't go on Helpless"
  • Wild Life - INXS
    "Take one step Out the door Look around For a whole lot more Off in the distance Fire burn bright We make decisions That's what we do That's what we do Wild life Wild life When it's bad it ain't bad enough I'll"

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