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Jacaro - Deja vu

  • Rendez Vu - Basement Jaxx
    "I got you in my heart, I got you in my head Your magic it surrounds me I've got you in my heart, I got you in my head Let's make a rendezvous I've got you in my head Let's make a rendezvous Let's make"
  • Deja Blue - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "(Craig Wiseman/Donny Lowery) Now as she's walking out the door Sayin' she don't want me no more As her tires are a squealin' Lord I get this funny feelin' That I've been in this position before A different"
  • Deja Que... - Miguel Bose
    "Deja que sepa ms de ti... Como haces el amor?... Con que tomas el caf?... Como te gusta el bao, d? deja que haga algo por t que te lleve a trabajar deja que yo me acostumbre a tu rimmel tus papeles y"
  • Deja Voodoo - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
    "Needles in my heart, spell on my mind Your powerful potion gets me every time I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night Your kiss burns, through my dreams Chorus: Here it comes again I don't stand a chance Soul"
  • Deja Vous - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "This scene seems so god damn familiar to me I'm getting a tingle of deja vous Obsessive attraction and all you could ask Is how I could do this to you I tried to explain this so many times but you couldn't"
  • Aimer Deja - Lara Fabian
    "Que faire de la terre Qui ne tourne pas Que ferme l'enfer Je n'y descend pas Pour qui cette mer Qui ne berce pas Et pire effemere Je n'y reste pas Je me demandais Si tu comprendrais Mais comprendre"
  • Deja Coup - Boysetsfire
    "Relax, just sit back and absorb Make sure you've got all that you can't afford Listen for your cue to help you deal with the shame It makes you wonder who is holding on to the reigns It's the way its"
  • Deja Voodoo - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Paradise in distress In broad daylight Your clean cut town Has turned into a hunting ground And Mama don't need no crystal ball To see the weight That's coming down 25 hours a day 25"
  • Against All Odds (Definitive Mix) - Deja Vu
    "(Wait for Piano to stop) How can you just walk away from me? When all I can do is watch you leave? Cause we share the laughter and the pain We even share the tears Your the only one, who really knew"
  • I Can't Stop - Deja Vu
    "The moment's looking right Just love and not a fight So tonight I think we're gonna make it happen Your voice gives me desire Just you can give that fire So baby can't you see You are the only one for"

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