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Jewel - Amen

  • Goodbye Baby & Amen - Constantines
    "For the break this new year Strange wonders from the kingdom disappear Bring me the poison dart Bring me the shining spear Human kindness Sold down the river Raise the edge against the hurricane"
  • Sex sux (Amen) - Vaselines
    "I was born up an original sin,Brought my two time in her slim virgin,Father, Son and the Holy Ghost,I'm the Sacred host, with the most.I was born on Christmas day,And all my people turned me away.They"
  • Walc (Amen, Papa) - Marie
    "Błagam już Niechaj słońce pójdzie spać Niech orkiestra zacznie grać W mojej głowie i w głowie Znowu on Palce blade jakoś drżą Panie Boże, czy to błąd Czy wymierzysz mi karę Za wszystkie te myśli przez"
  • Amen Another Sin - Esham
    "This is the beginin' of another sin, All yall welcome to hell, cuz my record's spinnin', So many cryed cuz the rhythm and I'm stil grinnin', And I brought death to the image of Lenin. Let me begin,"
  • My Last Amen - Downhere
    "From the corner of my eye There's a tear I'm trying to cry But the feeling can't be found Like a note thrills in a song When I play it again, it's gone Cuz it was never in the sound And it keeps me wanting That"
  • The Amen Corner - Opeth
    "White summer. So far I have gone to see you again. Hiding your face in the palm of your hands. Finding solace in the words I do despise. You snatch at every sound. And even though you believe that I am"
  • Amen & Goodbye 6 - Yeasayer
    "You hear them are coming You want to spread the world Your prophecy .. crying through the Earth You must have know, nam Like a devotion Don’t warry the clouds sand out an oceans Przepraszam, ale mam"
  • Jewel Of The Summertime - Audioslave
    "When I was 18 I didn't know pain when the sun was high Burnt face, shadow's erased and I knew I'd be alright They tried to hurt me, uh-huh Somethin' blinded me, uh-huh That reminded me, uh-huh Of a better"
  • Jewel In The Crown - Fairport Convention
    "We are a proud land, we stand for freedom we've got the franchise, on how to lead them we've got the history, and books to prove it give us the mountain, and we will move it we rule the waves, and,"
  • Ruby Jewel Was Here - Allison Moorer
    "In Nineteen and Double-Aught A harlot who was hot to trot Gave a fine little bijoux to the world With a blacksmith for a makeshift doc In a cathouse far from Camelot Her goldmine brought to bear a baby"

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