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Jupka anda ilo penab

  • Me, and you and everybody - Gomez
    "I guess you'll find a reason to walk out on me I guess in time we'll all return to the scene Awake the old dog in me. Our love was blind, a love unpretentious and free Our love was blind, but now my love's"
  • Milk And Toast And Honey - Roxette
    "Milk and toast and honey make it sunny on a rainy Saturday, he-he-hey Milk and toast, some coffee take the stuffiness out of days you hate, you really hate Slow morning news pass me by I try not to analyze"
  • Names And Dates And Times - Ani DiFranco
    "I know so many white people I mean, where do I start? the trouble with white people is you can't tell them apart I'm so bad with names and dates and times but I'm big on faces that is, except for mine I"
  • And Now - Arcwelder
    "(w graber) So stay to myself and how's this door been opened And all these superstitions won't help now And now is the time 'cause now I've been forgotten (It's the sadness of the year) And now I"
  • And You - Edwin
    "Woke from a bad dream, as the ground just broke away A hand reached towards me, to save me for another day Does it matter now, how I got here? Sunset watching, City listenin Is there somewhere else to"
  • And Then - Amy Arena
    "And Then And Then And Then And Then And Then my womans body started to develop I was getting Rounder and bigger and prettier and I felt kinda different I was different I was changing everyday and"
  • And I - Box Car Racer
    "I am lost in the crowd I'm standing in line I'm feeling so down And I am full of doubt She's not the one take notice Hear me out I want her, need her And you always will pull me through I'm tired This"
  • And I - Avril Lavigne
    "I am lost in the crowd I'm standing in line I'm feeling so down And i am full of doubt He's not the one Take notice,hear me out I want him, need him And you, always will pull me through I'm tired This"
  • And I - Portugal. The Man
    "Some were reborn some were simply shaken free and some were the colors that took to the streets they found in their later years yeah, they see what we need It's love for each other and every living thing and"
  • And Therein... - The Fall
    "You know by now the Lord lays hard trails When you see that man outside in the bucketing rain You picture it in your cozy home. You think you've blown a fuse, Don't know how to react You don't know"

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