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Justyn biber love

  • Love - Eskobar
    "what you gonna do? when they say that love has gone its own way could you really know how to play a game that has not yet been written today watch these signs of warning as you pass them on your"
  • Love - Arzt+Pfusch
    "(love! bliss! joy! harmony and light!) (x2) light shines through i sense a little love i want to eat you the flight of a dove smoke and incense majick potion of love i lick your heart out devotion"
  • Love - Nakedheart
    "Love is patient love is kind love wont try to mess up your mind Love never promotes itself love will put itself to rest You feel alone in a crowded room there's nowhere left to hide You are alone in a"
  • Love - Angie Aparo
    "I had a lot of money, I was not free I had a lot of honey from all of the honey bees All I ever wanted, not what I need I had everything, it was my disease Love, take my eyes, they don't see Love, someday"
  • Love - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. K. Fox, Musiq) First I loved God, then loved my mother Love my babies, sisters and brothers Love my father cos that's my mom's partner Love my grandmother and my grouchy assed grandfather Love"
  • Love - Alice Peacock
    "Love, Love is gonna' get you down It's gonna' fill you up It's gonna' swing you around There's nothing to say, there's nothing you can do Just stay out of the way 'til love is through with you Love, love"
  • Love - Kelly Clarkson
    "(kelly) love is the most greatest gift of all. but alot of you take for granted but if you all knew what meant here we go..... (both) CHORUS Love is the greatest of all Love is when you lve somebody"
  • Love - Above The Golden State
    "I pray for love like Yours for me I pray for love like Yours for me I pray for love more and more That I might have love like Yours A love that shines upon the earth A love that fills the ocean floors I"
  • Love - Radial Angel
    "Love Thinking Thinking Thinking of you While you sit there Screaming Jesus You are my Love Scream from the top of my lungs Want you Need you Can't live without Love Wonder Wonder why It has taken me"
  • Love - Bill Withers
    "Love, everybody needs you sometimes Why do I have to call on you When I'm only feeling sad and lonely Let's just love awhile and smile Love, can we just be happy one time Why must it always end with you"

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