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K.M.S ft. ADR

  • Enemies Ft. Supriz - Wayne Wonder
    "Hood, aaaa, yeah, yeah, comon' aaa aaa mm me enemies, me unlock it an me bucket an me pop it an me put it pun me enemies You wont get away from the WRATH THAT COMES WITH ATROCITIES. I got ya where i want"
  • Maybe (Ft. Regie) - Milk Inc.
    "Just another day, I'm wondering through the city trying to find my way, But I see you, And every stranger that walks by, They all seem to ask me why, But I don't know, If there's a cure, To stop me from"
  • Pannekoek (Ft. Giel) - Lange Frans
    "Wat Je Hebt Gedaan Is Een Pannekoeke Actie En Daarna Nog Een Fucking Rapaans Reactie Hoe Kan je Nou Gaan Denken Dat Dat iets Goed Maakt Wat Nederland Wil weten is hoe jouw bloed smaakt en ik hoop dat je"
  • 50 Ft Queenie - PJ Harvey
    "Hey I'm one big queen No one can stop me Red light red green Sat back and watching I'm your new one Second to no one No sweat I'm clean Nothing can touch me Tell you my name F U and C K 50ft queenie Force"
  • Anydream Ft. Anyband - DBSK
    "BoA: Anywhere you go, anywhere you go, anywhere you go I'll be there Tablo: Anywhere you wanna go BoA: Anywhere you go, anywhere you go, anywhere you go I'll be there Tablo: Anywhere you wanna go BoA:"
  • Dime ft. Pitingo - Beatriz Luengo
    "Dime que ser de tu vida cuando cierres heridas, pienses que ya me olvidas y te acuerdes de mi. Horas que se van como das, que se van como olas y al final desembocan en un mundo sin ti. Llmame cuando"
  • BadaBoom (ft Fabolous) - B2K
    "Yea, yea, yea (It's b2k ya'll) it's b2k ya'll Welcome ladies... and gentlemen (Yes) to the u got served soundtrack (Yea) we about to do dis You know how we get down Oh yea You know dat Come on Omarion"
  • Dirrty Ft/ Redman - Christina Aguilera
    "Ah, dirrty, filthy Nasty, you nasty, yeah Too dirrty to clean my act up If you ain't dirrty You ain't here to party, woo Ladies move, gentlemen move Somebody ring the alarm A fire on the roof Ring the"
  • Wolte (ft. Sikipa) - Kyra
    "Kyra: Sollte lieben ohne Herz Sollte fhlen ohne Schmerz Msste gehen ohne Weg Msste glauben ohne Gebet Sollte geben ohne zu nehmen Sollte bitten ohne zu flehen Msste spren ohne Sinn tief in meinem Herzen"
  • Smooth (Ft. Santana) - Matchbox 20
    "Man it's a hot one Like seven inches from the midday sun I hear you whisper and the words that melt everyone But you stay so cool My Muequita, my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa You're my reason for reason"

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