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Kochanowskiego pt

  • The Work Pt.1 - Prince
    "Every time I watch the other people news I c a false picture of myself, another one of u They try 2 tell us what we want, what 2 believe Didn't that happen in the Garden When somebody spoke 2 Eve? But"
  • Electric Head Pt. 2 - Rob Zombie
    "Strip down core violate and paralyze Flood my soul a coffee dreg - supersize Slung low like a whore - yeah Devil want some more - yeah Cupid bought a gun - he gonna blow the f**ker Yeah - I want it Yeah"
  • Gangsta's Fairytale, Pt. 2 - Ice Cube
    "Intro: Little Russ Hey muthafuckin' cube, what the fuck's wrong with you? You didn't kick the rest of that gangsta fairytale shit. Why don't you kick it one good time. Niggas on the playground wanna know"
  • Happy Holidays, Pt. 1 - Ohio Players
    "Hi! The Ohio players would like to wish you the happiest of holidays Snowflakes falling; voices calling Coming out of happy new year Children singing; Santa's bringing Santa's bringing lots of cheer Kin"
  • Crime Scene, Pt. 1 - The Afghan Whigs
    "Tonight, tonight, I say goodbye To everyone who loves me Stick it to my enemies tonight Then I disappear Bathe my path in shining light Set the dials to thrill me Every secret has its price This one's"
  • La Connecta Pt. 2 - Psycho Realm
    "Joaquin: It's seven and a half sharp this things about to start My whole crew's being torn apart By a spark of the greed 'cause everybody needs And if you're in the way they spray you bleed The bad breed"
  • Giorni Matti Pt. 2 - Mondo Marcio
    "(feat. Ape & Zampa) Rito: Sono giorni matti - non c' un posto sicuro fr sono giorni matti - e anche il nostro futuro saranno giorni matti, cerchi fortuna e fama la stessa storia uomo so gi la trama dei"
  • Queen Bitch Pt. II - Lil' Kim
    "Yeah, uh Yeah, uh-uh, uh-uh Beotch! Come on, yeah Uh, uh He-he y'all ain't ready Come on now, turn me up a little bit Every thing you heard Yo that's my word You play the herd And repeat every word It"
  • Fred Jones Pt. 2 - Ben Folds Five
    "Fred sits alone at his desk in the dark theres an akward young shadow that waits in the hall hes cleared all his things and hes put them in boxes things that remind him that life has been good 25 years"
  • Vida Loca Pt.2 - Club Dogo
    "Featuring Mic Meskin & Mazzini Maghreb Jake la Furia: Jake la Furia, Mazzini Magnum, Nunzio, Lamaislam, Vincenzo da via Anfossi strade di Milano strade di Bolo Milano 9 morti in 9 giorni e la strada"

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