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Lady punk tekst titanic

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Lady punk tekst titanic
  • Babyface Lady Lady Lady
    "Lady if you care for me then let me know That you care for my sweet lady I want to care for you for the rest of our lives That what i want to hear I don't mean to be a bore but I was hoping you would know"
  • Turbonegro Punk Pals
    "killing dogs and eating cats dont givea f**k dont turn your back got a nine pointed at your head your a little faggot your end up dead punk rock punk rock working alone gettin paid close to nill my boss"
  • H-Blockx Punk police
    "I don't care what you've got to sayYou've said it enough now be on your wayYou say that you, you are "so punk"Well who cares you stupid cuntPolice! Police! Here come the Punk PoliceYou colour your hair"
  • White Kaps More Punk
    "doing what, i want to do, that's just how it is do not need, to mold myself into something else dressing how, i want to dress but won't be as punk as you thinking how, i want to think, never be"
  • Nina Hagen Punk Wedding
    "This is the biggest party the world has ever seen This is the biggest party the world has ever seen Nina Hagen Superstar Is gonna marry Iroquois Nina Hagen Superstar Ha la-la la-la-la Hallelulja My party"
  • Gogol Bordello Immigrant Punk
    "Upon arriving to the melting pot I get penciled in as a goodamn white Now that I am categorized Officer gets me naturalized Now that I'm living up in God knows where Sometime it gets hard without a friend But"
  • Nirvana Punk Rock
    "I was sitting here In a preppy shirt And you and my best friend and you came over to me and said And said ... said hey jerk I've got this good thing going here I thought that i would share with you It's"
  • Holly Tree Punk Party
    "i don't know why i was there, i don't know where it is i just remember i spent the night with a punk rock girl i drunk a lot, and there was so much people in the place punk rock bands, i didn't stay away there"
  • Van Halen Atomic Punk
    "I am a victim of the science age A child of the storm. Whoa, yes I can't remember when I was your age For me! It says no more, no more Nobody rules these streets at night but me The Atomic Punk Oh, yeah."
  • Ramzes & The Hooligans Punk rock
    "Punk rock! Prosta gra, prosty rytm, proste bicie, prosta gra. Prosta gra, prosty rytm, proste bicie, prosta gra. Prosta gra, prosty rytm, proste bicie, prosta gra. Prosta gra, prosty rytm, proste bicie,"

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