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  • Rage Of Angels - Liege Lord
    "Foretell us of the secret hosts of evil's game Their names may not be spoke aloud Lest they profane mortal lips and take the blame From unholy darkness their attacking the heavens (Chorus:) A rage"
  • Paradigm - Pristina
    "The night fades into the morning rain And filling up my eyes Skies so grey Thoughts of yesterday Run bitter in my mind The pen is spent No letters sent - they'll stay here forever Captive in my mind The"
  • Don't Let It Get You - Spirogyra
    "The facts of life are very simple A job some money, settle down There's lots of things that may distract you Ignore them, lest they do you harm They say a dreamer always stumbles They say a dreamer has"
  • Let's Do It - Society 1
    "Lets do it Lets do it Lest do it Lets do it! Life seems to be such a formality when your always in reality Why won't the morality ever go away? Nothing seems to be quite new I need something else to push"
  • The Symmetry Of Hatred - Stampin' Ground
    "As still as a tomb, where only memories roam No birds sing here, yet silence speaks volumes About tortured times, when man was blind And innocence died at the hands of genocide Lest we forget Prayers"
  • Tiens Le Fil - Superbus
    "Lyrics to Tiens Le Fil : Tiens le fil, tiens le fil... Je me fous de toi comme du reste Je prends sur moi, je lche du lest J'ai pas les mots pour me dtendre Mais tiens le fil pour bien m'tendre Tiens"
  • Precious Lord - Crystal Lewis
    "copyright 1987 Thomas A. Darsey Precious Lord take my hand Lead me on Help me stand I am tired, I am weak, I am worn Through the storm, through the night Lead me on, to the light Take my hand Precious"
  • Moral In Corrosion - Construcdead
    "Hear the bigot preach, you don't want to miss his speech about just how simple life is. "Just follow the yellow brick road, to paradise to which it leads". Well, I've got a thorn stuck in my eyes, and"
  • Armageddon X 7 - Napalm Death
    "Lest we forget scorched earth policies, of megaton and hydrogen, and taut muscle of an armory that flexes, to show the world we mean business! It's all smiles and handshakes, but who moves to disarm. We've"
  • Journey's End - Paradigma
    "It's wonderful; Darkness is my bride This shrine overwhelms me As I become one with my own fate Through the inverted land I journey Where the seas of joy fall From the eclipse of blackness Some soothing"

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