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  • I Got To"(feat. Lil' Wayne - Baby Aka The #1 Stunna
    "BABY AKA THE #1 STUNNA Miscellaneous I Got To"(feat. Lil' Wayne Bitch look up in the sky it's the bird fucking man Junior daddy - shitting on the game You probably see me sitting on the Range I'm hustling"
  • Faking It (ft. Kehlani, Lil Yachty) - Calvin Harris
    "Pray to God, but I’m feeling like He’s going deaf Now when I lean on you and I got nothing left hey, I’ve been wanting to call you tell you that I’m sorry Same old fucking story everybody sing and I"
  • Lil' Blonde Hairs - Vermont
    "I've got these Lil' blank stares on my foreheadsaying i love you, i do and i've got these lil blonde hairs on my foreheadsaying i love you, i do love youPeople say that i'm a fool for loving youi don't"
  • Lil Bitch (Intro) - Stefflon Don
    "it’s not enough is it it’s not what do you want what do you want? you want my blood? you want my sweat? what the fuck you want? what the fuck y’all niggas want? lace front can you show ‘em bitches always"
  • Ghetto Life"(feat. Lil Wayne, Cam'Ron - Baby Aka The #1 Stunna
    "BABY AKA THE #1 STUNNA Miscellaneous Ghetto Life"(feat. Lil Wayne, Cam'Ron Ok, we got the Birdman in the building (the birdman) We got Killa in the building (yeah) We got Young Weezy in the building"
  • Lightskin Lil Wayne - Tyga
    "fuck you gon’ stand next to nigga like me that really do it and you don’t do it? the fuck from by me, man? hello, mother* what’s my ame in the Rolls, asking bitches how I came got a king-size bed n the"
  • Dark Shades (Ft. Lil Wayne & Mack Maine) - Birdman
    "Dark, dark shades I can see them haters ..don’t forget to tip the waiter I don’t drink champagne, it make my stomach hurt I’m on that Patron, marijuana get murder Dollars, dollars, that go pu, that go"
  • Will They Die 4 You? - Lil' Kim - South Park
    "Will They Die 4 You - Lil' Kim Yeah 1 - How many niggas that'll die for you How many get a quiche like the pie, wit you I ain't talkin' 'bout those that get high with you Niggas know, if a red's on"
  • Freestyle - Lil' Kim - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Lil' Kim) Mmm, mmm-mmm Check it out, the Queen Bee That's me My man Flex, he's up next Yeah, check it out Hey, yo Flex There's a lot of mufuckers out here that wanna be like us... real bad But"
  • 26's (Feat.Lil' Wayne) - Chingy
    "What's up dirrty? What size dem rims you rollin' on Man, these 16's I'm working with man 16's, yeah man they look good don't they? Nah they don't, you need to upgrade this shit The bitches had me gone"

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