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  • Play My Cards - Kurupt
    "(to) (to) (to) (to the tic) (to the tic-tic) - Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah Kurupt young gotti Hell yeah Raw dawg You know You know me Raw dawg assassin Comin atcha, baby Cat, kick it in Kick it in "
  • Living In Fear - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Full speed ahead never slow my roll lightin Js as I pass your Hi-way patrol On the sidewalk spittin as the cop drive by- piggy starin at me like Im supposed to blink an eye I dont fear other men other"
  • Planet Budtron - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Life ain't funny when you ain't got no money And that clock strikes 4:20 and you wanna get high No bills get sent and you can't pay the rent Everyday I get bent yo, so that I can get by I'm moanin' on"
  • Pop Lockin' - Silkk The Shocker
    "(feat. Goldie Loc, Snoop Dogg) (Silkk) hey yo Snoop tell Xzibit and Dre to be having that thing bumpin When I come out there (Snoop) That's funky Soopafly Big Snoop Dogg {Snoop Dogg} Silkk the"
  • So Low - Tha Eastsidaz
    "(Lil' Mo (Kokane)) Roll with me Come smoke with me (Smoke with me) Come close to me So low (Come flow with me) Dance with me Take a chance with me (This is your chance) Take a dip with me Don't go (Snoop"
  • Don't Stress - Knightowl
    "(Knightowl) Fools collapse when they fuck With the real mothafucka that is Bustin slugs all in their mugs Bitches and snitches run just like a river The shit that I deliever Makes em quiver, I'm bigger My"
  • Coming To Compton - Lil Eazy-E
    "I heard the streets been talking He keeps saying my name, that nigga game gon be layin in his coffin I'm a muthaphuckin prince of Compton First and last Don't make me the first to blast You the type I"
  • Bring Back That G Shit - Kurupt
    "(feat. Goldie Loc, Snoop Dogg) Ride, ride Rough, ride on, ride on Roll on, roll on What!, what!, what! Ride on, ride on, roll on Nigga what!, w-w-what!, what!, w-w-what! Ride on This is the game"
  • Bright As The Sun - Coolio
    "Starlight Starbright First star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might Get this lick I try to hit tonight.... Shinin' down on me Shinin' down on me Shinin' down on me Shinin' down on me Shinin'"
  • Knightmares - Knightowl
    "(Chris Gun) When we ride it's a homicide When we ride it's a mothafuckin homicide (Noble) Yo, I'm on the glock pumping white valvues Just me and Knightowl rollin in a white owl It's light in the day,"

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