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London Grammar - Hey Now

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London Grammar - Hey Now
  • Bubba Sparxxx Hey
    "Yeah I'm a country boy, but I'm a player too All up in your city flexin' down the avenue But I ain't mad at you dog, that's what I had to do That least that you could do is gimme a lil' gratitude Hey,"
  • Danny Saucedo Hey
    "(I've Been Feeling Kind Of Lonely)Hey I've been feeling kind of lonely since you left Working trough the struggle, the pain within my chest But I don't know what it is I've been searching for the remedy"
  • TLC Hey Hey Hey Hey
    "Oh no (uh uh uh oh no) Oh no (uh uh uh oh no) Oh no (uh uh uh oh no) Oh no (uh uh uh oh no) You think You can pay mind games On me Tommy doesn't know Will wants me While you do your thang I'm playin'"
  • Oingo Boingo Hey
    "Hey, I've got a commentary without much to say You know those damn kids drive me crazy every day But all I ever think is something to complain... And I wish that they would all just go away 'Cause all"
  • Bic Runga Hey
    "You were on the second floor Hanging out the window watching the cars passing by With that look in your eye And I was hanging round below Waving to ya from the road I was calling your name You were miles"
  • Crystal Bernard Hey
    "(Crystal Bernard) I can't reach you in the distance With such pollution in the air It's getting harder by the moment When I'm just talking to an empty chair You should have heard what I just told you I"
  • Driving East Hey
    "She puts on the dress that he took of the night before, The summers through the main event of bottles on the floor, And when the head starts swelling the shame sinks in, she never even knew his name, and"
  • A Tribe Called Quest Hey
    "The name is Q-Tip, enterin through the middlefrom the left, dead all the jokes and the riddlesComin from the maximum gain, the octanethat's on the radio it made me feel so lowIt seems we gotta, brighten,"
  • Q-Tip Hey
    "The name is Q-Tip, enterin through the middle from the left, dead all the jokes and the riddles Comin from the maximum gain, the octane that's on the radio it made me feel so low It seems we gotta, brighten,"
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse Hey Hey
    "Well, I've seen some women They put your soul on ice They want a piece of the action But they never let you roll the dice. That's the kind of woman Bring a good man down That's the kind of woman I don't"

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