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Long December

  • December Dreams - Bella Morte
    "Bella Morte Where Shadows Lie December Dreams Turn away as the storm draws near Hear the thunder's distant cry Taste the air to find a trace of yesterday Falling under waves of time Her twilight eyes"
  • Same December - Prince
    "Once was this ball with a line straight down the middle One side was black and the other one white And they both understood so little That they spent their whole lives tryin' 2 tell each other what time"
  • December flower - In Flames
    "Towards the rich archaic heavens Towards the lack diorama You are the artist and the texture That plays with mantle of the earth When the bleakest of powders Lie rooted to the starched stones And the roots"
  • From december - Project 86
    "It's the first day Since I handed you your final rose In your house I'm staring out the window at our tree (We planted below) The heights of whichYou'll never Ever know You alwaysWere there to rescue meFrom"
  • Forever december - matchbox twenty
    "I reach within my isolation, I harbor it, I honor it You say you'd like to see me closer, Of course you would, you have no choice (intro to chorus) And I cry cause the weather has gotten to me, and I laugh"
  • Cold December - Aiden
    "Those nights we walk together I couldn't sleep Well I still remember what you wore now It was the cold december air the way the rain hit your hair but then I woke up from a dream I can't repair and then"
  • 25th December - Everything But The Girl
    "And I see forests and it's the 25th of December And my old man plays the piano for Christmas. He plays the piano for Christmas. And we're all there, all the aunties and uncles, And the angle's on the"
  • Last December - Prince
    "If ur Last December came What would u do? Would anybody remember 2 remember u? Did u stand tall? Or did u fall? Did u give ur all? Did u ever find a reason Y u had 2 die? Or did u just plan on leaving Without"
  • Forever December - Tabitha's Secret
    "I reach within my isolation I harbor it, I honor it You say you'd like to see me closer Of course you would, you have no choice And I cry cause the weather has gotten to me And I laugh at the people that"
  • December 2 - Charles And Eddie
    "I wake up thinking that my brother's here Can't accept he's gone away to the other side I feel him watching over me sometimes It's the only time I ever get to feel like smiling Heaven Please don't let"

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