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Lp went were high

  • That Day You Went Away - Trish Thuy Trang
    ", yeaha, yeah-ha, oh, oh, oh, oh well I wonder, could it be when i was dreaming about you baby you were dreaming of me call me crazy. call me blind to still be suffering is stupid after all of this time Did"
  • I Went To Your Wedding - Patti Page
    "I went to your wedding Although I was dreading The thought of losing you The organ was playing My poor heart kept saying "Your dreams, your dreams are through" She came down the aisle, wearing"
  • The Day You Went Away - Roger Creager
    "Roger Creager A crowded restaurant and here you are I'm doing fine but you have come so far I ask how long it's been Like I don't know I've been counting the days since you've been gone You'd think my"
  • Blue Morning, Blue Day (2008 Remastered LP Version) - Foreigner
    "Out in the street it's 6 am, another sleepless night Three cups of coffee, but I can't clear my head from what went down last night I know we both have our own little ways, but somehow we keep it together You"
  • Some Veggies Went To Sea - VeggieTales
    "From Episode 5--Dave and The Giant Pickle Narrator: "One day while talking with Dr. Archibald, Larry confronts one of his deepest fears ..." Larry: "If my lips ever left my mouth, packed a bag and headed"
  • High Five - High Five
    "Augenscheinlich hat das hier den Anschein als erscheine dieser Snger ganz allein. Mensch, das kann doch echt nicht wahr sein, das ist ganz und gar gemein - doch da kommt ja sein Kollege schon herein. Diese"
  • You Were - Julia Nunes
    "If you were: The ground beneath my feet I'd find a way to float Or just walk so gently. If you were: A star in the night sky I'd figure out how to fly Or just walk with my head high. They pushed me"
  • Fighter - LP & Imanbek
    "Don't get me wrong I went along for the madness Two of a kind A match lit with heaven and sadness But what rings will bring us to Don’t make it seem like I walked away Don't ever doubt my desire I took"
  • Too high to fly - Dokken
    "We sold our sons and we sold our daughters Pretty soon we'll sell our brothers We took the gold, but the gold was water I tried to save the world, but I failed her She cries the tears that I never left"
  • Half A Century High - Phil Ochs
    "G C G In the tube where I was born C Bm I could have sworn C D There was so much to see C D There was so little to be "

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