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Luca silence

  • Fuego - Mans Zelmerlow
    "i take a dive into my eyes you got the eyes of lioness feel the power, they ain’t lying a little look, a little touch you know the power of silence keep it up /2x I was looking for some highs till I got"
  • She Got Me - Luca Hänni
    "I notice her when she arrive kinda of lady that mama like but mama , she ain;t here tonight getting’ rowdy, rowdy when she poured out a little spice got the whole place on a vibe Monday night into Friday"
  • The Earth, The Moon, The Sun - Diviner
    "Walking in silence Searching for answers And peace of mind Out of illusions I found the vision again What is the purpose Of our existence And where we'll go Closing the chapter of life When this journey"
  • In Degrees - Foals
    "we’re caught up in silence I lose you in degrees I see you through the glass door cdn"
  • Evil Inside - Starkill
    "Lost in the illusion Lost within my mind Through the passages in time Feel my soul grow weaker Watch it slowly die Lonely poets slowly die What have I done? I know I went and left you all alone But"
  • Lucifer's Blade - WITCHUNTER
    "Shining blade of Darkness Rising to bring the fear Break the chains of silence Scream rises from Hell Cold steel and shadows falling Blood is running out Claws of deepest demons Hold back the light There"
  • Stay - Shakespear's Sister
    "if this world is wearing thin and you're thinking of escape i'll go anywhere with you just wrap me up in chains but if you try to go alone don't think i'll understand stay with me, stay with me in the"
  • Power Is Power - SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott
    "i was born of the ice and snow with the winter wolves in the dark, alone the wildest night I became the one and you’ll know you’re mine when the silence comes heavy I the crown only for the weak a knife"
  • POTWÓR Z GŁĘBIN - Pikers
    "dali nam brawa skoro gramy jak Kendrick wrogowie wciąż połykają swe fiuty mówicie im ze wybieram się z głębin ona to chce, no i powiedz ze sufit nie maja podstaw, czuj asie leci ale ich zwrotki maja te"
  • Summer Days (feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy) - Martin Garrix
    "sshe looks good in the morning and she don’t even know it I don’t want you to go yet can we stay in the moment don’t look in the mirror look into my eyes when you see your reflection you’ll see what"

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