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Luther Vandross Right In The Middle

  • In The Middle - Exit 159
    "listen you, this ain't me I don't know how I got caught in the middle, in the middle and I smoke, yeah I drink, and I don't know what it means but hey, I'm trying yeah I'm trying maybe if I had my way change"
  • In The Middle - Neal Morse
    "In the middle of the breaking through There was still more that I was clinging to That fear you feel like when you're almost gone When you want to jump but you're still hanging on Come on! And as I stood"
  • In The Middle - Sugababes
    "I'm caught up in the middle Jumping through the riddle I'm falling just a little tonight (uh uh) Cos everybody's making trouble Someone's burst their bubble But we'll be getting by alright (uh uh uh) "
  • The Middle - Demi Lovato
    "Knew where I was going when you left the room You're the kinda guy who makes me wanna follow through, to you I've been trying to leave here for the longest time The second that I saw you I just knew I"
  • She Doesn't Mind - Luther Vandross
    "SHE DOESN'T MIND Luther Vandross and Reed Vertelney (album: POWER OF LOVE - 1991) For love you pay the price You give it up, you sacrifice And if necessary you compromise Sometimes it's bitter sweet You've"
  • Only Way Around It Is Right Thru the Middle - Conway Twitty
    "(Bobby Harden) I no longer can find love at home Like the love when we're all alone I keep searchin' and searchin' but it just isn't there The answer is here in your arms. The only way around it is right"
  • Ain't No Stopping Us Now (Featuring Luther Vandros - Spice Girls
    "Now, are y'all ready? Are y'all ready? Here we go now Do it with the fever Yeah, come on Ain't no stoppin' us now We're on the move (Hey-yeah, hey-yeah) Ain't no stoppin' us now We've got the groove"
  • Middle Of Hell - Queensryche
    "Wake up! Buck up and listen! Where am I? Head reeling, I guess I wasn't dreaming. Heart racing. Hard to breathe. You were right. Got myself here in the middle of Hell. It's all right. I'll be all"
  • She doesn't mind - Vandross Luther
    "For love you pay the priceYou give it up, you sacrificeAnd if necessary you compromiseSometimes it's bitter sweetYou've got to try eight days a weekTo create a good enough love to keepYou see hearts belong"
  • In The Middle Of The Heartbeat - Helloween
    "Tell me pretty girl, do you know how I am? Have you ever seen me as your friend? Anything we have is those hungry nights But there's so much left unsatisfied All those little things you told me Ain't good"

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