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  • Maybe - Mandy Barnett
    "(Jim Lauderdale/John Leventhal/Rodney Crowell) I know how the story ends where everything works out I get the feelin' once again that I can't shake your doubt Instead of hidin' from romance You're gonna"
  • Rainy Days - Mandy Barnett
    "(Kostas/Pamela Brown Hayes) Rain drops falling from the sky Tear drops falling from my eyes Too many heartaches since you've been gone I'm drowning in sorrow and pain Too many memories won't leave me"
  • Three Days - Mandy Barnett
    "(Willie Nelson) Three Days that I dread to see arrive Three Days that I hate to be alive Three Days filled with tears and sorrow Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow There are Three Days I know I'll be blue Three"
  • Baby Don't You Know - Mandy Barnett
    "(Jamie O'Hara) You walk down the street with a smile on your face Hand in hand with somebody new From the window above I look down through my tears Wond'rin' why you treat me so cruel You're so cruel Baby"
  • Now That's All Right With Me - Mandy Barnett
    "(Kostas/Tony Perez) All you have to do now, Babe Is pull on my heart strings Let me know which way to go Now That's All Right With Me Love me like a river, Babe I'll love you like the sea Love me any"
  • A Simple I Love You - Mandy Barnett
    "Give your heart and soul away Never doubting if it's true Is there no price that we won't pay For A Simple I Love You After all the pride is gone Hope has all but fallen through We can still make ourselves"
  • I'll Just Pretend - Mandy Barnett
    "(Kostas/Richard Bennett) Somewhere between the here and now Heartaches begin I'll Just Pretend You'll never know the way I feel We've reached the end I'll Just Pretend Pretending you still love me The"
  • What's Good For You - Mandy Barnett
    "(Kostas/Kelly Willis) My heart of hearts stay true to me Don't be swayed so easily I walk the line, come runnin' round Driving my love in to the ground What's Good For You ain't good for me Can't have"
  • Wayfaring Stranger - Mandy Barnett
    "I'm just a poor Wayfaring Stranger Travelin' through a world of woe Where there's no sickness toil or danger In that bright land to which I go I'm goin' there to see my mother She said she'd meet me when"
  • I've Got A Right To Cry - Mandy Barnett
    "I've got a right to cry I've got a right to cry All day I sing the blues I'm in my lonely shoes Could you be so unkind I nearly lost my mind I wonder if you care My life is a sad affair My heart is aching And"

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