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Naomi Shelton

  • I don't care - Blake Shelton
    "There she was;Laughin', talkin', window shoppin' with a new guy.And I'd heard about him.I heard she found him right around when we said good-bye.And I came real close and almost lost my temper.But I bit"
  • I drink - Blake Shelton
    "He'd get home at five-thirtyFix a drink and sit down in his chairPick a fight with mommaComplain about the kids gettin in his hairAt night hed sit alone and smokeId see his frown behind the lighters flameNow"
  • I have been lonely - Blake Shelton
    "You told me I'd regret itOn the day I left youI had the nerve to laughAs I walked awayWell, its been six monthsAnd eighteen daysFeelin' nothin' but This empty painAnd I just had to tell youEven if there's"
  • I thought there was time - Blake Shelton
    "I knew something was the matter It really needed my attention And I had planned to look into it someday But I was busy making money I wanted you to be proud of me Now I wish I could turn the clock back"
  • If i was your man - Blake Shelton
    "If I was a cloud, I'd make baby raindrops And they'd feed the treetops If I was a cloud If I was the sun, I'd shine on the flowers And pass on the power If I was the sun If I was the moon, I'd caress every"
  • In my heaven - Blake Shelton
    "In my heaven there ain't no lawyers Don't need names on dotted lines Folks do business like they oughtta A good firm handshake works just fine We feed lawyers to the lions In my heaven there ain't no children"
  • It ain't easy bein' me - Blake Shelton
    "There ought to be a town out there,Named for how I feel.Yeah I could be the mayor down there,And say welcome to Sorryville.It won't be on a map nowhere,You might say that it doesn't exist,But if you make"
  • Love gets in the way - Blake Shelton
    "Little by little, now babeI've come a long, long wayPicking up the piecesThat you threw awayDid you give it upDid I let you downEither way, it doesn't matterCause I'm finally comin' 'roundI hope you find"
  • My neck of the woods - Blake Shelton
    "Grandpa's down By the two lane In the blazing sun Or pouring rain Sells tomatoes From the back Of his pickup truck Reads the Bible line for line While sipping on Some homeade wine That's who he is And"
  • Nobody but me - Blake Shelton
    "Don't waste your time looking over your shoulderThose loves from the past ain't getting no closerWhen I look in my future you're all I can seeDon't go loving on nobody but me.Chorus:Nobody but me gonna"

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