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No pk malam inih jp

  • No - Death Angel
    "raise your hands to the sky on your knees and abide don't stare into the sun the new saviours have come and you choose your wine like you chose your friends and you base your life on each passing trend and"
  • No - Crushead
    "to retreat into your shell: that's just the usual reaction when the way things go don't lead to your own satisfaction giving it up is that your way of life? and inner strife and pain is all you feel inside is"
  • No. - Trophy Scars
    "One day we'll find those verbs and nouns And we'll gun run all these fucking clowns. Blink six more times And now you know why this song ends with the word NO One day we'll find those verbs and nouns And"
  • No - De La Soul
    "feat. Butta Verses, Yummy I never can say goodbye No no n-no I, never can say goodbye I, I don't know the rest We those pros, we never procrastinate (ah) Them guardians they shouldn't let you get past"
  • No! - Facing New York
    "In the dim light of the day memories will fade 'cause they took my sight away and i can't recall my face what a shame learn to live and play the game is it wrong to step outside or does it just burn"
  • No - Subhumans
    "no i don't believe in jesus christ my mother died of cancer when i was 5 no i don't believe in religion i was forced to go to church, i wasn't told why no i don't believe in the police force police"
  • No - Fifteen
    "I learned a new word today, that word is NO You don't get all the money I make just cause you own real estate You don't get forty hours a week from me You don't get to make my choices for me You are only"
  • No - Jason Aldean
    "Looking back At the dead ends and the detours All I can do is long for a straighter line Yeah, I was lost I had no way of knowin' Where the twists and turns were goin' But sometimes you just gotta let"
  • No - GBH
    "My momma, can I climb on the trees in the park?My momma, can I stay up til late in the dark?My momma, don't over protect me nowI just want to have some fun at nightAnd I'm gonna be saying....No!Because"
  • No! - Animators
    "Sky has taken this option from us we can fly around without spreading the sun could you be more patient and wait one moment more ahead there's a shore... destroy your sanity don't damage your mind be"

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