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Ottawan - D.I.S.C.O.

  • Dead Disco - Metric
    "Skip town. slow down push it to the east coast Step down turn around push it to the west Need less, use less we're asking for too much I guess Cause all we get is Dead disco Dead funk Dead rock and roll Remodel Everything"
  • Hardcore Disco - Furries In A Blender
    "Can I take you somewhere; to where all my friends hang out? Can I take you with me; to where we can scream and shout? Out at the hardcore disco you can dance your night away. You'll meet new people, maybe"
  • Disco Halo - DQ
    "Whenever youre lonely Whenever youre feeling blue Just think of me only And put on your dancing shoes No need for teardrops Youll find your love in time Put on your make-up No need to wait in line Cause"
  • Disco Lights - Emm Gryner
    "Give me disco lights while I've got dishes on repeat You're forgettable like 1993 Do you think of me when the girl is like a weight And all the future's running late My phsycic says I have till december"
  • Disco Down - Kylie Minogue
    "I've been thinking reminiscing 'bout the days when we were wishing We could fly and touch the sky Laughing meeting under cover Running hiding from your mother lf we tried we could do anything And when"
  • Disco Polo - Popek & Chuchla
    "Kocham cię kwiatuszku Słodziutki pączusiu Kocham cię robaczku Mój malutki, tyci tyci Moja gwiazdko z nieba Szaleję za tobą Kocham cię tak bardzo Nawet disco-polo Moja rurko z kremem Zanurzona w cynamonie Ze"
  • Disco club - K2
    "już wiem ze lubisz ten trap dziewczyno wiem ze lubisz ten vibe i wiem po co jesteś na disco club ty gimnazjalisto szalona w tą noc możesz wszystko więc wiem ze lubisz ten trap dziewczyno wiem ze lubisz"
  • Disco Fever - Paris
    "Me and Sue in the summer time playing football everywhere getting tired, have some wine having parties everywhere We were dancing, we were dancing Sexy Eve in the summer time takes her clothes off everywhere looking"
  • Disco Tech - Hyper Crush
    "What's up baby? They call me Donny. See me on stage I rock the party. Yup, I got the flow. I got two hoes and they're ready to go. Hoooo! Hey, Steve. You mean Donny. That's my name don't wear it out. If"
  • Disco Ghost - Paris
    "She looks like she's alone Standing at the disco At the disco And now she's moving across the floor Drinking San Francisco At the disco And now she's dancing close to you but you can't see her You just"

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