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Pentagon shine

  • Shine - David Gray
    "I can see it in your eyes What I know in my heart is true That our love it has faded Like the summer run through So we'll walk down the shoreline One last time together Feel the wind blow our wanderin'"
  • Shine - Shannon
    "Get up, get up, get up, get up and lift your head Come on, come on, get up out of bed Today's the day you hold the world with your song Go now, go now, go now, help escalate Angels come down, help"
  • Shine - Andy Stochansky
    "Get up, get up, get up, get up, lift your head C'mon, c'mon get up out of bed Today's the day you hold the world With your song Go now, go now, go now, Help escalate Angels come down Help with this parade To"
  • Shine - American Idol
    "They'll try to make you feel That you're not good enough You feel so incomplete Don't let them change you Show this whole world That you were made to shine They can't shut out your light No matter how"
  • Shine - LMNT
    "You're the girl next door And I can see that you've been crying It's the second time this week It ain't easy, but bless your heart for trying I can tell that you've been losing sleep *Give me on"
  • Shine - Bonnie Pink
    "Dareka ga sagashi ni kite mo inai to itte Jikan wa kasenai no dakara Kako ga anata o yurushite mo kataku hitomi tojite mo Ashita wa nigashite kurenai kedo Only you can help me shine Namida mo kotoba mo"
  • Shine - Timo Tolkki's Avalon
    "Dear old world now I must go Make me believe That I can love again the beauty of the universe Beneth eternal skies my soul was born to be free Shine, just see how we are shining The everlasting light Will"
  • Shine - Slowdive
    "Shine through the light So my thoughts won't Have to fight For your love Just to see you in me Hurts too much Mind fills with the thought Love you till I caught Fish in the sky Impossible to fly See you"
  • Shine - Over It
    "Stretch past the edge and now I feel like breaking, my back against the wall. There's little left and nothing is here to faze me. Still summer fades to fall. When the meaning feels so far from healing"
  • Shine - Vienna Teng
    "In this desert land I know some rain must fall See where we began We've come so far On this harbor shore We hear the ocean call In our minds at war We have so far to go Shine with all the untold Hold"

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