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Prediksi angka toto macam pkl 13.00 yakin tembus

  • Right Part Of Me - Toto
    "Hello girl You're good to see Love your face shining down on me How does it feel with the warm winds blowing Hello girl You're good to know Love your smile, I love your glow How does it feel with the"
  • Tale Of A Man - Toto
    "It's been forty days and nights Since I've heard from you Girl I cannot bring myself to ask you why It's a fact that you're not here I ain't accusing you All I seek is simple answer from the sky See"
  • Baby He's Your Man - Toto
    "Well it's 2 a.m. You're just getting in Soon you'll be creepin' into bed Later you'll pretend you were out with a friend But I'm still inside your head I don't understand You say I'm your man When it's"
  • Drag Him To The Roof - Toto
    "They keep looking through the window A cathode glaze across their eyes Now that I've been betrayed I must be well behaved I'll drink corruption with their lies Why was I hiding out? What am I running"
  • English Eyes - Toto
    "What you're sayin' it never really crossed my mind I hear playin' and everybody's keepin' time I'm recallin' that girl I met in London town She was strange, young and tender and narrowed all my choices"
  • Gift With A Golden Gun - Toto
    "It's a twelve o'clock depression My mind is in recession And I can't answer you It's the day I can't remember I think it's late September Or is it April blue I can't find peace of mind in a world so unkind It's"
  • Goodbye Elenore - Toto
    "I wanna give her something she'll remember And she say, "No, no, no, no, no" I wanna squeeze her tight and not offend her, yeah She said, "No, no, no, no, no" (And he thought that she was coming back,"
  • I Think I Could Stand You Forever - Toto
    "Would you say no if I asked you for your hand Could you believe in the same words that I don't understand And would you cry if I told you I must go I've been waiting such a long, long time I think I could"
  • Gift Of Faith - Toto
    "All this pain surrounding me Hopelessness is all that I see now Does it have to be this way Brought up on hypocrisy The seeds they sow don't last forever They just fade away Don't be confused by the lies"
  • I Will Remember - Toto
    "I was born in the land of the sun And the tall green grass And I don't understand How all this has come to pass How we've come to surround ourselves In a sea of thieves In a land without learning Only"

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