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  • Espiritual - A.N.I.M.A.L.
    "Es momento de accionar. El impulso de crecer, de creer, de no matar. Nada dejar de ser Como lo queremos ver, recorrer, y transformar. La mayor fuerza es la fe. La fe interna que llevs, que tens, que no"
  • Worm World - Zyklon
    "Planetary sickness, the state of the world. Time, Death, God; inbreed overkill altered through decayed moral causing global infection. Compulsion of matter, the remaining part of dreariness and obsolete"
  • Trapped In The Trip - Steel Prophet
    "Steal away from life with me to a place that's hidden to all but me I find the way to a place in my brain genetic shapes on the DNA chain I fly down the hall like a runaway train reality warps as I near"
  • Le Suzerain Des - Aes Dana
    "In a dream he cherished illusions, Gloomy premonitions of a funeral storm, His hatred sticked without respite, Filled by the suffering, the screams and the shocks Of these lower creatures who sleep without"
  • Stand In Veneration - Falconer
    "Look in consternation as storms tear up the sea, raging down upon us with greatest might. Gathering the power from above the clouds, blackening the sun away from sight. Gaze in frustration as ground"
  • Citadel Of Dreams - Garden Of Shadows
    "When the cerulean sky Is painted over with crimson And the sun descends into the horizon When the moon sings oneiric serenades And we are coaxed into lethargy Its seductive power enchants us And opens"
  • Orbital - Sybreed
    "I separate darkness and light, reorganise primordial chaos at will Reconstructing galaxies pulsing to the rhythm of my thought I gather the collision course of thousand exploding stars Those soon collapse"
  • Never True - Noctiferia
    "Spawn... A birth from primordial vice This sight I witness frequently The hate i caught amongst these walls of soil Enticed by clouds Higher and higher The eye was strained to gaze upon the routed None"
  • Ed Is A Portal - Akron/Family
    "Ed is a portal Ed is a portal And damned if we don't try To sort of relinquish the reigns our Brains their mass has gravity Pulls us into and away from Portals such as Fractal Ed's Mysterioso displacement Porportioned"
  • Ur Djupet - Finntroll
    "Frbannad och glmd. Evigheten, ensamheten. Jag tog mina steg. Sista men frsta. Tusen och trettio steg. Mot jordkrnans brinnande valv. Den skalv, den skalv. D visade sig, modern i djupet. S dold s hemlig. Om"

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