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  • Mr. Saboteur - The Yardbirds
    "(James McCarty) He's Just 'round the corner Nobody will warn ya' You wont see his coming The way your life's a running As he tries to wreck you He's bound to affect you Stops your inspiration And all your"
  • Camera Shy - Spoons
    "These eyes Cold from the winter years Of searching every face These arms Numb from the cold embrace Devoured by something not totally there Youve been CAMERA SHY in my life Youve been somewhere else always CAMERA"
  • Return To Send Her - Camera Obscura
    "Return To Send Her (Let's Get Out Of This Country EP - 2006) Don't disturb my bed is what I should have said When you kissed me my head started to sway I took your picture You bought me some literature"
  • Game Over - Blackstar
    "Christ knows it is easy So goddamn easy So come on and give me your best shot Please criticise me Come analyse me Because i can take it all Let me tell you now I know that the game is over for me But"
  • Distant and Longing Light - Moments In Grace
    "You're on my mind, You're all that I think of now, These days these nights, And in my eyes the world has lost its color, These days are like, Another early morning, Sleepless distant and longing,"
  • Losing You - New Amsterdams
    "Story's been boarded up again, Old sins forgotten for new sins. Your habits get old. Your habits get old. Wanted to say' How I wanted to say' Miss the Valentine house sometimes, Good times compounded"
  • Taakse - Nicole (FI)
    "Saastuneet paheet Unohtaa lohduttaa Luottamus sinuun Lupaukset uudistaa Kuulen hiljaa (sen) Vastaat "Tahdon meidt saavuttaa" Kuuletko? Kaipaan mukaan Muiston suojaan Taakse sateen Kaukaisuuteen Kuuletko Kuihtuneet"
  • See Ruby Fall - Roy Orbison
    "Well, I knew someday Ruby would be leavin', That she wasn't happy livin' quietly, quietly. 'Cause she would get that bedroom look each mornin', and I tell Ruby pull away from me. So go down-town at"
  • Push The Button - Far From Heroes
    "There's no earthly way of knowing Which direction we are going There's no knowing where were rowing Or which way the rivers flowing This is the only way Just push the button, I can't go on forever No"
  • Sustain You - Greenwheel
    "So far away not knowing how to handle the distance between Avoiding situations that will show that this is not the same (chorus) Try to see through my window I can't but I will Sustain you as long as"

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