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Rihanna Rihanna Diamonds

  • Diamonds - Lil Kim
    "Where my Queen at?! Uh, uh huh Yo, Bad Boy Queen Bee, B.I.G. Come on, come on Uh, uh huh, that's right Check me out, Q.B. Uh, uh, uh If I could make it rain I'd make it rain diamonds So all my girls"
  • Diamonds - Polopop
    "If you're not going to love me Then I'd rather hate you It's not very adult of me My fantasies to mutilate you... I'm normally such a happy girl Look what you've done to me And now I'm going to"
  • Diamonds - Platinum Blonde
    "I can't stop thinking 'bout you anymore Seems like I've had this dream before No sense pretending that I understand Your love is money in your hands You never choose to compromise Baby, baby, I I saw you"
  • Diamonds - Lil' Kim
    "Uh uh huh Bad boy Queen Bee c'mon c'mon Verse One: Kim If I could make it rain I'd make it rain diamonds So all the girls in the world could keep shrinining From princess cuts to emeralds to"
  • Diamonds - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) I know what you want from me, from me Just tell me that you love me and I will be, I will be (chorus) The reason that you laugh The reason that you cry I'll take your tears and turn them all"
  • Diamonds - Rockapella
    "In the chilly waters of the fountainAt the great museumDangle your feet and look up to the skyLet me take a photograph of you like thatI'm still not sure if I believe my eyesIn the golden afternoonI cruise"
  • Diamonds - Kool Keith
    "Man it's been quiet in the Bronx since Kate Rich got killed I heard some kid wearin a mink fakin like he live in Brooklyn squealed We gon' need Johnny Cochran man, I'm tellin you Gotta get everybody out.. "
  • Diamonds - Katy Perry
    "We got people to seeplaces to godeadlines to meeta reputation to up holdits like a ton of bricks breaking on my backits like the force of gravity in full effecti got money to burnand im on the sakethey"
  • Diamonds - Los Lonely Boys
    "I'm lookin' at a rainbow Way yonder across them hills And my baby's love is with me And I know that it's for real I ain't got no diamond Girl you know I ain't got no gold I ain't never been a rich man But"
  • Diamonds - Mercury Rev
    "Look how the sun, captured by the rain, Glimmers and falls, and lands in golden balls, Like a bracelet hung, from a spider's web, For me to show to you, like gifts, That you won't forget... For as long"

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