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Romans tymwk

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Romans tymwk
  • Billy Joel When In Rome
    "Well I see you in the morning Putting on your pretty clothes And I watch you do your makeup Like they do in all those fashion shows Then you turn to me so that I can see If you put your self together right Then"
  • Justyna Steczkowska To koniec
    "To koniec to koniecWybaczyłam ci sąsiadkę, tę z siódmego piętra(to sie stało poza mną)nie bez trudu lecz przelknelam romans z farmaceutka(samotnosc pomagalem zniesc)na wyzyny zrozumienia wspielam siegdy"
  • Brujeria Mecosario (eng)
    "I'll sing you a little folk song of history Dinosaurs once devoured fresh kills Today man looks for yuppie meat Men are mother-fuckers when they don't get unloaded Cumasaurus, cumasaurus, cumasaurus The"
  • Some Girls Blues Singer
    "I couldn't be who your god Wants me to be He's never even introduced himself to me I would be more inclined If "he" was a "she" "i'm hearing your plan But no thank you m 'am" In romans 1:18 thru 32 I read"
  • ApologetiX I Love Apostle Paul
    "I saw him standin' there writin' letters to me I knew he once had been a proud Pharisee His faith was kind of strong In God's favorite Son And I could tell he didn't belong in prison with me, yeah me Yeah,"
  • Onelinedrawing Mar
    "Idonwanna go build cars work on the railroad. (that's what this internet thing is all over again) just have sex be like the Romans freeze my head visit the future eat yr shit go out to dinner So"
  • Moving Units Submission
    "Remember the romance Remember the danger Remember the romance Remember the danger There is submission and There is condition so there It's all the same (The treasure) We touch and we play (The pleasure) It's"
  • Shane Barnard The Blood
    "the blood, oh the blood, the blood it washes me the blood, oh the blood, the blood it washes you the blood, oh the blood, the blood it covers me the blood, oh the blood, the blood it covers you the blood for"
  • Boys Ostatni dzie
    "Ostatni dzień, ostatnia nocsplecione ręce, totalny szokOstatni dzień, ostatnia nocPrzy twarzy twarz, nadziei wzrokJesteś tu, a jakby nie było w ogóle CięWzrok wpatrzony masz daleko przed siebie i pusty"
  • Jesus Christ Superstar Poor Jerusalem
    "JESUSNeither you, Simon, nor the fifty thousand, Nor the Romans, nor the Jews, Nor Judas, nor the twelve Nor the priests, nor the scribes, Nor doomed Jerusalem itself, Understand what power is, Understand"

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