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  • Free To Decide - The Cranberries
    "It's not worth anything more than this at all I live as I choose or I will not live at all So return to where you've come from Return to where you dwell Because harassment's not my forte But you do it"
  • New Art Riot - Manic Street Preachers
    "Vintage aromas and vintage ideals Old men greying to a dying country's needs Waiting for a knighthood to while away the hours Listen and learn now it's time to kill your betters Museums are dead take"
  • Move On - David Bowie
    "Sometimes I feel That I need to move on So I pack a bag And move on Move on Well I might take a train Or sail at dawn Might take a girl When I move on When I move on Somewhere, someone's calling me When"
  • Painting By Numbers - Television Personalities
    "If I had a ladder I'd climb up to the sky And take my paintbox with me to paint your face up high In yellow green and orange, purple red and blue To paint the world by numbers is all I want to do Painting"
  • Red Flags Are Burning - Skrewdriver
    "Red flags, may day, there's got to be a better way Red tanks, mass graves, red liars always get their say The only good commie is a dead commie Its about time we learned The only time our people are going"
  • War Of The Worlds - Crimson Glory
    "From out of the dark we descend upon your small blue world Millions of miles a way With blinding speed our destruction rains down on you To blow you away... Waiting in shadows of silence for our kiss of"
  • Take To The Sky - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Miscellaneous Take To The Sky This House is like Russia With Eyes cold and grey You got me moving in a circle I dyed my hair Red today I just want a little passion To hold me in the dark I know"
  • Life On The Road - All
    "All Miscellaneous Life On The Road Lyrics And Music By Bill Stevenson Crabs, Scabbies The Glamour, The Fashion Life On The Road Is Pretty Fuckin Cool To Me Farts, Feet The Romance, The"
  • Judo Chop (Freestyle) - RiFF RAFF
    "Watch me tip toe on my way to the top Mozart pose by my lamborghini drop Seven cellphones can't remember my last name Motherfuck a bill my whole life is autopay I can ride gray in the thunder storm Benz Hoshitoshi"
  • The Ballad Of The Soldier's Wife - Marianne Faithfull
    "What was sent to the soldier's wife From the ancient city of prague? From prague came a pair of high heeled shoes, With a kiss or two came the high heeled shoes From the ancient city of prague. What was"

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