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Sinisstar Drug Related

  • Like A Drug - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "Since you're gone, I sat at home Wonder why no I'll never be free But the thought of you Goin with another guy No, it could never be me You took a ring and pawned our love away What can I say, I am left"
  • Dixie Drug Store - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "Ooh Jambalaya Ooh Jambalaya It was muggy July around supper time When I pulled into New Orleans I got dropped off at South Rampart Street I was hungry for a plate of greens I made my way down the banquette Where"
  • Token Drug Song - Pop Will Eat Itself
    "Transfixed to the TeeVee station, Burning through my brain, Mutant news flashes from the neon grain, I'm a reptile, You're "Doug Quaid." Go on, I say, I'll make your day, I'll give you what you"
  • Perfect Drug (Remix) - Nine Inch Nails
    "without youwithout you everything falls apart without youit's not as much fun to pick up the pieces without youwithout you everything falls apart without youit's not as much fun to pick up the pieces it's"
  • Last legal drug - Korn
    "Put your hand against your skinRub it gently to beginYou feel it?Can you feel it?When does pleasure become pain?When does sex become insane?You say yesAs you feel itWhen you cum (Be a good girl)Hold your"
  • Drug-Induced Fantasies - Agathocles
    "I was once at some party - oh yeah? Guess who I've met - tell me! Satan and his legions - really? Having a few beers - no way! Guess what he said "I'm not real" "I am just a fantasy" "Living in your minds" Tripped-out"
  • Contaminated Drug Supply - Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    "dusted nuggs, spores and smoke pass through paper to the lung. medical marijuana abandoned for marinol anthrax inhalers. coke-raw nose, bleeding sinus infection from a mutated smallpix vaccine detected"
  • Like A Drug - Swans
    "Some Men Are Made Of Steel And Blood Some Fall From Heaven When Their Time Does Come Some Of Us We Run From A Shapeless Form And Some Men They Hide From A Howling Storm Now I Will Wander Through The Falling"
  • Muszę żyć + DRUG - Oki
    "muszę żyć z ludźmi, jeszcze co nie znikli obrany kurs i nie żyje aż upadnę ja musze być mordo, wynik mam na wizji tylko ja śpiewam wam zanim zostanę sam muszę żyć z ludźmi, jeszcze co nie znikli obrany"
  • I'm Your Favorite Drug - Porcelain And The Tramps
    "What you get is what you see it won't take much to get hooked on me so shoot me right into your skin and i will be your heroin the sideaffects are sexual you love the way i taste the sideaffects"

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