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Skid skids skids are week

  • A Week Of Moments - Ian Anderson
    "A week of moments a clutch of days Ten thousand minutes of a Passion Play. Medley of quavers informs the tune. It's all too much: over all too soon. Sweet condensation on chilling wine Traveler's palm,"
  • Once A Week Date - Marty Robbins
    "(Too young to really be in love) (But old enough to cry) Too young to think of marriage You've been told and so have I Too young to really be in love But old enough to cry I know because we both cried When"
  • 7 Days A Week - LiL Italy
    "(Lil Italy) 7 dayz a week ya heard me? Take one day at a time Don't try to rush the way thangs moving That's when you out of line With your mortal mind Why do you proceed to play the game When these hard"
  • One Week Last Summer - Joni Mitchell
    "{{instrumental}} ("''I stepped outside of my little house and stood barefoot on a rock. The pacific ocean rolled towards me. Across the bay, a family of seals sprawled on the kelp uncovered by the low"
  • Seven days a week - The Sounds
    "We've been talking on the phone for hours and hours.You can give me a call whenever you like to.And if you would fall you know I will catch you.Yeah I'll stick around, I'll be right beside you.Whooo ohh"
  • Days of the week - Stone Temple Pilots
    "Monday, back from the dead I'm letting it go, back for another one Tuesday, shoot me in the head I'm takin' it back, takin' it back It'll take it back Wednesday, she's looking for a friend She'll get"
  • The Beginning (Week One) - The Features
    "Week one was lots of fun We built a fort inside your room We walked around this town Made out like bandits in the gloom Where have you been so long so long I've waited oh so long for you I've got to figure"
  • Freak Of The Week - Marvelous 3
    "I spend a lot on all the clothes that I got 'Cause all the geeks that I meet They all look cooler then me But what to do when they're all lookin' at you 'Cause you're the freak of the week 'Cause you're"
  • A week in juarez - Lonestar
    "His name was Travis, hers was VanessaTwo Texas kids from west of OdessaYoung love and lust defy rational thinkin'They were hotter than an oil field on fireWhen you're that young everything's crucialYou"
  • This Time Next Week - System Syn
    "she will be better this time next week time enough to meet another boy she will be bitter though this time next year when life has spun a round and I'm still buried here I fear she won't forgive me even"

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